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 LOGGIA (Formerly Monster Mash) HOME FRAGRANCE

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Solstice Scents

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PostSubject: LOGGIA (Formerly Monster Mash) HOME FRAGRANCE   Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:53 pm

A Blend of Mahogany, Amber, Vanilla, Black Pepper & All Spice

Monster Mash is a blend of the Mahogany paneled walls in Dracula's castle mixed with a background note of musk and some other dark and mysterious incense smoke and spice. Notes are Mahogany Wood, Amber, Vanilla and Cedarwood combined with added Essential Oils of: All Spice, Black Pepper, Sandalwood and Cardamom. All these scents meld together to create a dark, rich wood with a hint of sweetness and a pleasing spice note.

Never burn fragrance oils unattended.  Not for consumption or use on skin.  Oils may damage furniture or fabric.  Keep out of reach of children and pets.  Burn oils in a well ventilated area.  Keep tea light diffusers away from flammable materials and drafts.


Use 2-3 full droppers of oil in a clean tea light soapstone oil diffuser.    Not for use in electric warmers.   Trim the wick of new tea light candles to 1/4'' prior to use.  If you do not trim your wick, the candle flame may burn higher and hotter and cause your oils to diffuse stronger and more profusely.   Properly using your diffuser will ensure that your home fragrance oils burn at a more moderate rate and still strongly scent the area in which they are burning.  

For best results, burn away from drafts such as directly underneath A/C vents or ceiling fans and away from table top or floor fans.  This allows the candle flame to burn truer so that the dish your oils are in may become warm enough to diffuse the oils.  Each 2-3 full droppers of oil should provide you with several uses.  You may wish to add a bit of fresh fragrance to your diffuser if the scent strength of the first serving is waning.  You may adjust the amount of oil as necessary, depending on the type of burner you are using (ceramic, soapstone, glass, metal, etc.), to meet the scent strength you are trying to achieve for your personal space.


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PostSubject: Re: LOGGIA (Formerly Monster Mash) HOME FRAGRANCE   Wed Sep 28, 2011 10:51 am

Wow, just wow! If you think wearing Angela's creations are enjoyable, just try scenting your space with them! I've tried all three of the first release (Conjure, Monster Mash & Harvest Moon) and to be honest, they all work equally beautifully.

She suggests that you use them by themselves in a soapstone burner, which is exactly the way I've been using them. They heat up fast, fill the room quickly with scent and do not overpower your nose. I've found that they hold their scent for a long time.. at least until your tea light burns out. The next time you use it, there only needs to be a dropper or less of oil added to refresh the scent. They burn clean without excess smoke and the heating of the oil doesn't distort the original fragrance at all!

From the chatter on Facebook and the forums, I gather they're becoming quite popular and hope that Angela will continue to expand the line. These oils really compliment the entire Solstice Scents experience. I can't recommend them enough.
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PostSubject: Re: LOGGIA (Formerly Monster Mash) HOME FRAGRANCE   Wed Sep 28, 2011 6:59 pm

Of all of the Fall 2011 home fragrance scents Monster Mash is by far my favorite. (this was a surprise, i was anticipating conjure to be the big winner. who knew?) I enjoy wearing it now but i never really "got" it until i smelled it warmed and filling up a room. it's then you're able to fully detect all of the notes in the description, the mahogany, incense and cedar perfectly blended with a lilt of spice that isn't "foody" or stinging, but very soothing. when i ordered it i expected it to be very strong like the perfume and planned only to burn it in large rooms, saving conjure for smaller spaces like bedrooms. but i found it wasn't necessary, it's civilized and rich no matter where it is, even the bath. mash moves right in and becomes a craving, it's pervasive, the scent will easily carry throughout the entire house, banishing bad smells and filling the space with a deeply familiar, yet just beyond memory scent that lingers beautifully for days and never "turns" musty or acrid. it simply mellows softly like a man's cologne on an old wool coat. if you're looking for the one with big payoff, lots of odor control, gorgeously different but isn't eye-watering or distracting, this is it. i've started burning a dropper of this each night as i lie down, and now i'm sleeping far more comfortably, no more waking in the night or tossing around. i should really call this "sleep like a brick."

since monster mash is a seasonal selection and my consumption is fairly high, i'll be back-stocking my supply for the lean months, hope i leave you some. on the bright side i left plenty of yucky foody harvest moon for all! ;o)


p.s. don't forget to trim your wicks! they should be 1/4" above the wax. trimmed they'll burn more evenly for longer without waste, and most important -- your fragrance oil will be at the correct temperature and won't burn too hot and "cook" turning sour/acrid. wick trimmers are inexpensive, easy to find, and will save you a ton on the waste of expensive oils. I love you
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PostSubject: Re: LOGGIA (Formerly Monster Mash) HOME FRAGRANCE   Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:19 pm

I really need to get this. I want my home to smell as lovely as I do when I wear MM perfume!
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PostSubject: Re: LOGGIA (Formerly Monster Mash) HOME FRAGRANCE   Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:35 am

Monster Mash doesn't work on me at all as a perfume (turns to a sharp, perfumey, unpleasant spiciness that's almost bitter on me), but I love this as a home fragrance. There's more of a vanilla-y sweetness that comes through in the home fragrance, and the spice & dry woods smell like a wonderful men's cologne. Dry wood (without being dusty or sharp), spice and just enough sweetness to pull it all together.
I guess what I just said is that it smells exactly as advertised, lol. "All these scents meld together to create a dark, rich wood with a hint of sweetness and a pleasing spice note." That's a perfect description.
I use these in an electric oil warmer and they're amazing.
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PostSubject: Re: LOGGIA (Formerly Monster Mash) HOME FRAGRANCE   Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:07 pm

This will be my third review today on SS Home Fragrance Oils. I adore them. I have been a SS fan since early on during there etsy days. I fell in love immediately. Wearing there fragrances is amazing, now you can scent your home with some of the same fragrances bounce 

I purchased this HFO in the Monster Mash form. Monster Mash is one of my top favorite fragrances from SS. During the last Autumn sale I purchased it in it's new form,Loggia. I bought Loggia in perfume, ganache, and burnishing glace. It smelled exactly the same to me as my Monster Mash items in the exact same products.

Monster Mash, which is now Loggia is amazing! To me Loggia has a very resinous and spicy scent. I detect the sweet & woodsy scents of Mahogany and Sandalwood, the sweet resinous scent of Amber, and the spiciness of Black Pepper and Cardamom as well. Sometimes I fell like I can pick up an anise/licorice note, but I do not believe it is in it's official notes. I'm not for sure though without checking. It could possibly be some of the sweet woods mixed with Cardamom and Black Pepper though. I imagine it would be a familiar scent.

If you loved Monster Mash, you will definitely love Loggia. I think it is an exact copy. If you are wondering about the home fragrances....go get one now!!! Before a hoard them all!!! lol! 

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PostSubject: Re: LOGGIA (Formerly Monster Mash) HOME FRAGRANCE   

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LOGGIA (Formerly Monster Mash) HOME FRAGRANCE
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