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 Having a Black Christmas along the Outpost in Snowshoe Pass!!

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PostSubject: Having a Black Christmas along the Outpost in Snowshoe Pass!!   Fri Dec 09, 2011 3:40 am

Let me just say I LOVE everything I got, and I ordered several times..... three to be exact.

Snowshoe Pass Whipped soap, Outpost Glace and Sugarvale...oh my!!!!

Snowshoe--- This scent is best described as sexy in a bottle. The whipped soap was so soft and sensual I had to get the Glace and Perfume as well. There is something musky and sexy with a little hint of mint...Like a really sexy lumberjack that just returned home from chopping wood, a soft breath of fresh winter air and clean shaven from his morning shower, a hint of soft musk still clinging to his chin.... its awesome!! I love you

Outpost---Something about this ... i just can't stop sniffing my wrist when i wear the perfume. I don't know if its the woodsy part or musk or what, but it smells deep and makes me want to snuggle. What a Face

Sugarvale--- i thought it was a bit sweet at first, and all I got was caramel. After letting it dry down, I smell rich nuttiness that reminds me of Buttered pecan ice cream!! YUMMO cheers

I ordered plenty more, but these stand out, BIGTIME, so i had to chat about these.

LOVE these goodies!

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Having a Black Christmas along the Outpost in Snowshoe Pass!!
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