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PostSubject: APPLE MALLOW HOME FRAGRANCE OIL    Tue May 01, 2012 1:44 pm

Crisp Green Apple & Marshmallow

Crisp green apple combined with sweet gooey marshmallows. Apple Mallow is primarily a fresh apple scent highlighted by a delightful mallow note. The marshmallow note adds a creamy element which helps round out the sharp, tart, green note of the ripe green apple. Very refreshing!

Solstice Scents home fragrance oils provide a wonderful way to scent your home and provide ambiance with a variety of unique fragrances to choose from. Each highly concentrated and fragrant oil is presented in a 1 oz. cobalt blue glass bottle with glass dropper for ease of use. For best results, burn oils in a soapstone tea light diffuser.

Never burn fragrance oils unattended. Not for consumption or use on skin. Oils may damage furniture or fabric. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Burn oils in a well ventilated area. Keep tea light diffusers away from flammable materials and drafts.


Gently shake bottle before use. Use 2-3 full droppers of oil in a clean tea light soapstone oil diffuser. Not for use in electric warmers. Trim the wick of new tea light candles to 1/4'' prior to use. If you do not trim your wick, the candle flame may burn higher and hotter and cause your oils to diffuse stronger and more profusely. Properly using your diffuser will ensure that your home fragrance oils burn at a more moderate rate and still strongly scent the area in which they are burning.

For best results, burn away from drafts such as directly underneath A/C vents or ceiling fans and away from table top or floor fans. This allows the candle flame to burn truer so that the dish your oils are in may become warm enough to diffuse the oils. Each 2-3 full droppers of oil should provide you with several uses. You may wish to add a bit of fresh fragrance to your diffuser if the scent strength of the first serving is waning. You may adjust the amount of oil as necessary, depending on the type of burner you are using (ceramic, soapstone, glass, metal, etc.), to meet the scent strength you are trying to achieve for your personal space. For best results, burn in a soapstone tea light burner.

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