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 Mindyk's swap or sell list - SS, Moona, Gloi

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PostSubject: Mindyk's swap or sell list - SS, Moona, Gloi   Tue Jul 23, 2013 4:52 pm

For sale or swap: all items are new, unused and sealed unless otherwise noted

Solstice Scents
Spiced Cranberry & Spruce bath soak salts -  have 2 of these
Manor whipped soap -  have 3 of these
Dark Ginger Spicecake whipped soap
Perfume, all tested lightly 1x :  Delamorte, Moonlight on the Grove
Perfume, bnnu - Séance, Covered Bridge
Burnishing Glace - Covered Bridge, Dark Ginger Spicecake

Potion Lotions in the following scents, all bn, most still in plastic bags-  Forest Floor, Ostara
4-1 shower gel bn, never used.  Some are in bags, some are not but all are bn:  Oracle, Scorned, Sweet Tea, French Lavender, Sleepy Hallow, King Cake, Cassandra's Cauldron, Ghost Ship, Sea witch
BN & sealed cocoa creme, unscented -  have 2 of these
Sugar Scrub in Indigo Ice, from 2011 Rockabilly collection, new but not sealed
Bath Salts -  8 oz, opened only to sniff -  Wild Pear, A Mermaid's Tale, The Spice Melange
Disappearing Bath Oil, 8 oz, new -  Woodland Moss
Foaming Milk Bath, 8 oz, new -  Wicked Woods
Banishing Oil  -  2 of these

Sugar Polish, 6 oz, new, opened only to sniff -  Burying Tree, Gloomy Sunday. These are from 2012 .
Milk Bath in Kemet - have 2 of these

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PostSubject: Re: Mindyk's swap or sell list - SS, Moona, Gloi   Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:03 pm

How much would you like for a 4-in-1?
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Mindyk's swap or sell list - SS, Moona, Gloi
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