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Solstice Scents
Solstice Scents

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PostSubject: HEART OF THE NIGHT PREMIUM 5ML (General Catalog)   Fri May 16, 2014 8:25 pm

Moroccan Rose absolute, Bulgarian Rose absolute, Sugar, Chocolate, Vanilla, Edge of the Night Base - 5ml

Rose petals dusted with sugar crystals, creamy chocolate ganache filled truffles and a blend of delicate vanillas intertwine above a very soft background base of Edge of the Night. Heart of the Night features copious amounts of sugared rose petals and whiffs of fine chocolate and vanilla. The Edge of the Night base adds a sophisticated subtle muskiness that elevates it into a very sensual feminine fragrance and helps tame the strong gourmand notes. Rose Mallow Cream is Heart of the Night's more innocent and demure counterpart. Heart of the Night shares a similar candied rose fragrance with Rose Mallow Cream but it's not quite as sweet. Imagine Rose Mallow Cream with chocolate and delicate deep musk in lieu of strawberry, marshmallow and white musk. On initial application, the Bulgarian and Moroccan Rose absolutes come through with a puff of sweet sugar. The chocolate weaves in and out of the fragrance. At this point, the musky base is far in the background and takes a while to fully emerge. The dry down features a medley of soft notes: sweet, musk, very faint floral, chocolate and magic. The whole journey is decadent and delicious. Heart of the Night is strong upon initial application and is very concentrated. You may wish to dab it on to start and then reapply to build a stronger concentration if you desire.

Heart of the Night is the fourth offering in 'The Night' line. When crafting Edge of the Night, it was clear that it was a fragrance that could stand on its own but also one that would make an incredible darkly sensual foundation for other oils. Used as a base for Heart of the Night, the end result is a sophisticated floral gourmand fragrance which contains a total of 26 fragrance and essential oils. Though you can detect Edge of the Night carefully woven into the Heart of the Night blend, Heart of the Night is its own unique candied rose fragrance with a sensual muskiness and a smooth chocolate interlude. The Edge of the Night fragrance worn alone manifests a deeper, musky, powdery dry down with a green lift and is mildly spicy as compared to Heart. After several hours of wear, the two fragrances share a similar character though Heart of the Night maintains a much lighter and sweeter character due to the gourmand and floral notes used.

The notes in the Edge of the Night base for this fragrance include: amber, oakmoss, aged patchouli, bergamot, black vanilla, red musk, buddha wood, organic clove EO, star anise EO, cinnamon and a nominal amount of lavender absolute and agarwood.

Application tip: If your roller ball runs dry during application, remove black cap, hold your bottle vertically with roller ball pointing to the ground and forcefully shake/thrust the bottle down one time to replenish the oil in the well. Now it is ready to reapply to your skin.

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PostSubject: Re: HEART OF THE NIGHT PREMIUM 5ML (General Catalog)   Fri Aug 29, 2014 2:41 pm

This is a very pretty scent. When first applied it smells mostly of roses and chocolate with a faint hint of edge of the night in the background. Then as it wears for a while the rose and chocolate begin to fade and edge of the night becomes more prominent. I really like this one because the sweetness really softens the strong and spicy edge of the night base, and it just gives it that little something extra that makes it really pretty.
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PostSubject: Re: HEART OF THE NIGHT PREMIUM 5ML (General Catalog)   Sun Sep 07, 2014 8:50 pm

I like the Edge of Night base, and I like roses with chocolate, but I think I need to test this one some more.  There's a lot of complexity here and the rose and chocolate don't stand out as much as I thought they would. They seem to be on a very even footing with the EoN base.  It's kind of like a low level murmur with several people talking at once--it's not unpleasant, but I find myself straining to hear one "voice".
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PostSubject: Re: HEART OF THE NIGHT PREMIUM 5ML (General Catalog)   Sat Jan 23, 2016 9:46 pm

Testing out my sample of Heart of the Night. OH wow would this go wonderful with my EotN EDP. The chocolate is only there in the front for a moment, just long enough for you to acknowledge it's existence before it takes it place in the blend. The roses are soft and velvety, sweet and almost powdery. The EotN base is there, lending a bit of support, but leaving the roses to do their thing. This is a big surprise win, especially with the chocolate - I was afraid it would be too prominent, but it's just a supporting character, there an gone until you catch a glimpse of it again.
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PostSubject: Re: HEART OF THE NIGHT PREMIUM 5ML (General Catalog)   Thu May 19, 2016 12:38 am

This is my second favorite of the Night series, which I don't tend to be a fan of in general, because they all turn rather baby powdery on my skin.  Shadows in the Night is the only one that doesn't go powdery on me.
Heart of the Night turns powdery, but I enjoy the sweetness of the rose and vanilla-chocolate enough to not really care.  The rose has a juicy sweetness to it that reminds me of strawberries, and the overall effect is like white chocolate covered strawberries with a drizzle of dark chocolate, next to a vase full of plump, dewy, red roses.  On a bed of baby powder from the Edge of Night base.  
I like this well enough, but Rose Mallow Cream edp already owns my soul for this same type of fragrance.
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