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 WINTER DOVE (The Woodland Collection, General Catalog)

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Solstice Scents
Solstice Scents

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PostSubject: WINTER DOVE (The Woodland Collection, General Catalog)   Tue Mar 03, 2015 10:30 pm

Vanilla Crystals, Spicy Carnation, Nutmeg, Cream


Winter Dove is a gourmand floral blend featuring vanilla crystals, fresh nutmeg and sweet cream sprinkled with spicy pink carnation petals. The scent is sweet, spicy, creamy and feminine. The vanilla, cream and nutmeg combine to give an impression of egg nog. Upon initial application, all notes are detectable. Winter Dove starts out with a blast of nutmeg and a clove-like spice from the carnation flowers, all of which is wrapped in a boozy vanilla bean blanket. The spices and vanilla liqueur note tame after a short time and the blend softens into a lovely creamy vanilla fragrance with traces of pink carnation and a hint of the nutmeg.

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PostSubject: Re: WINTER DOVE (The Woodland Collection, General Catalog)   Tue Mar 03, 2015 11:15 pm

This one was another winner from the Woodland collection for me. I bought a full bottle blind, and luckily it was love at first sniff for me (which I figured it would be. Eggnog and Carnations are two of my favorite things, so how could it go wrong?) I love the feeling of Eggnog I get from this! It's really creamy and delicious and just softly spicy. The carnation in this is absolutely beautiful as well! I love Carnations so much, they're pretty much my favorite flower, and this scent really does them justice. If you love Carnations and Eggnog, then definitely try this one!
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Ross W

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PostSubject: Re: WINTER DOVE (The Woodland Collection, General Catalog)   Wed Mar 04, 2015 5:46 am

To my way of thinking, this is the most feminine of the Woodland Collection mainly because of the floral nature of the opening. But it is also one that has rather a split personality. The first stage of Winter Dove with the sweetness of the Carnation and Vanilla places it firmly within the floral-sweet sphere, which based on a number of reviews many women find wonderfully attractive.

Once the initial sweetness of the flower dies down, you are left with the pepperiness of the carnation and I am reminded that carnations are a traditional flower worn by men on their lapels or boutonnieres for this very reason. It is at this point that the Winter Dove becomes more unisex. Musks are worn by both sexes and the nutmeg rounds out the pepperiness of the flower and provides a lovely warmth. The Eggnog, which is tied to the carnation by the nutmeg provides the seasonal element and a lovely richness and also ensures it has a winter theme. it is a very unexpected pairing and works extremely well.
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PostSubject: an unexpected hit!    Mon Aug 17, 2015 1:57 pm

Wow!! I'm a little surprised to see only two other posts on this fragrance as it is unlike any other perfume I've tried. When I bought the sample of this fragrance, I merely read the main notes listed and had no idea it was supposed to mimic eggnog. I'm glad I didn't know in advance, because I'm not into gourmand scents, and I probably wouldn't have tried Winter Dove. I'm so glad I did try it though. It is a wonderful creamy, spicy floral. Yes, it is reminiscent of eggnog, but if you are like me and don't want to walk around smelling like a holiday beverage, fear not. I can see how this fragrance falls into the gourmand category, but it also sits squarely in the floral/oriental camp. It is elegant and lovely with decent silage and longevity. Furthermore, although part of a winter collection, there is enough of a floral element in this fragrance to wear in other seasons as well. I'll be purchasing a full bottle of this in the future.
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PostSubject: Re: WINTER DOVE (The Woodland Collection, General Catalog)   Mon Aug 31, 2015 11:08 am

Winter Dove, for the first half hour, smells like a real, spicy carnation, which I love. It doesn't have any green stem or dewiness to it, but it smells like the natural spiciness and petals of a carnation.
After the first half hour, the blend starts to get sweeter and more outright spicy, like the floral part has been dipped in cinnamon sugar.
I don't find this to be overwhelmingly spicy, though, and it isn't making my sensitive skin all red and angry where I've applied it.
Around the hour mark, this does start to smell like creamy eggnog and carnation spice, which is really cool. I like that the floral part never completely disappears and the cinnamon never completely takes over on my skin (as cinnamon usually does with me).
Something about this keeps reminding me of the way a LUSH shop smells around Christmas, but I can't recall a specific product.
If you like carnation at all, I'd definitely recommend trying this one. It's really good, and I hope that it gets made into an edp at some point Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: WINTER DOVE (The Woodland Collection, General Catalog)   Wed Sep 16, 2015 5:32 pm

While I don't love this scent, I'm very impressed by it! Vanilla, cream, nutmeg, and spicy carnations; it smells like all of them! I never would have imagined this scent in my mind's... nose? but it truly smells like eggnog with spicy carnations. Not for me, but then nutmeg isn't my jam, nor are carnations. It's well loved by Solstice Scents fans, and very much worth trying--and I'll be hanging on to my sample just in case my tastes change!
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WINTER DOVE (The Woodland Collection, General Catalog)
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