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Solstice Scents
Solstice Scents

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PostSubject: VIOLET WHITE LEATHER PREMIUM    Tue Mar 03, 2015 10:34 pm

Violet, Vanilla, White Leather, Coumarin - 5 ml

Soft powdery violets resting on a vanilla cloud float atop ripples of supple white leather. An ethereal violet blend featuring a creamy character similar to Violet Mallow and a wispy, white, airy presence in the vein of White Fox, Violet White Leather pairs a cool-toned sweetened violet with an exquisite supple white leather. Violet clouds drift peacefully above the leather note. Upon initial application, a sweet blast of coumarin and vanilla accompanies the white leather. The leather is most detectable at this point. Delicate powdery violets emerge and quickly tame the leather note, resulting in a very smooth and sophisticated pairing. The creamy violet blend is most prominent on the dry down, though the white leather remains faintly at the base of the scent lending a sensual mood to the composition.

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PostSubject: Re: VIOLET WHITE LEATHER PREMIUM    Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:46 pm

From the first reading of the 2015 Valentine offerings, Violet White Leather Premium drew me in, with it's description! The first application, and oh my, it was like a blast from my past; the scent is perfect for this Valentine's-Easter time of year. The sweet violet, gently comes through, accompanied with vanilla and a soft new leather. Even though the description does not mention a watery element, I sense one, and in an alluring fashion! This is a Valentine scent, but it reminds me of the newness of Spring as well, that new dress and shoes, heading out on a bright and gorgeous day. I look forward to seeing if I will reach for it in all seasons.
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Ross W

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PostSubject: Re: VIOLET WHITE LEATHER PREMIUM    Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:28 am

Violet White Leather is somewhat different to what I was expecting. It opens with quite a strong leather with definite backing of violet flowers. It grabbed me in a way that I was not expecting. It is not a raw leather and reminded me of the sophisticated leather note used in the legendary Scandal (Lavin), but unlike Scandal, the Violet is insistently pushing it's way forward, providing an unexpected sweetness which is heightened by coumarin. At about the five minute mark, the sillage begins to drop down to a much more subtle level. Angela describes the feeling at this stage as 'sophisticated' and I can see what she means, but I would probably use the word refined as in refined elegance. On me it stays quite a strong scent with an extended duration. I did not expect that from Angela's description either, perhaps it just works particularly well on me. The leather and violet dance gently each taking a turn at prominence. So much so that I think that Violet white leather is quite unisex.

In the 19th century when Iones were first created by chemists to mimic the smell of violets, violet became a popular ingredient for both female and male fragrances. Women's fragrances tended to favour violet soliflors while men's fragrances used the Iones as a note with woods and greens and were usually marketed as Wood Violet. Indeed by the 1920's over 130 registered products aimed at the male market were called "Wood Violet". Having Leather and Violet together makes me quite comfortable is saying this is suitable for males as well. It is gentle and gradually sweetens over time and is thoroughly, unexpectedly great. Soft and powdery on me it is not. I also have to let you know I am basing my comments on a test vial supplied by Angela and I only used a small swipe on my skin.  

At the one hour mark it is now a skin scent, but what a skin scent. I intend to buy a full bottle. Refined and lovely on a lady or a gentleman.
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PostSubject: Re: VIOLET WHITE LEATHER PREMIUM    Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:59 am

Violet White Leather is a very pretty, sweet fragrance on my skin.  It's like a powder puff of violet candy and vanilla buttercream frosting over the softest white leather and creamy white sandalwood.  Creamy, powdery, sweet.  Still, the violet and leather do have a dark, sexy, masculine leaning edge to them, even through all of the powder and sweetness.  I like this on myself and on my hubby.  
I do wish that this had longer staying power, but it's worth slathering and has good throw when slathered on. I'd bathe in this if I could ^_^
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