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 REMAINING 10 ML INVENTORY LIST (for release tomorrow 6 to 9 pm EST)

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PostSubject: REMAINING 10 ML INVENTORY LIST (for release tomorrow 6 to 9 pm EST)   Fri Jan 29, 2016 4:38 pm

As posted in this thread mentioning that we are discontinuing our 10ml roll on bottles due to manufacturer's defect: http://solsticescents.forumotion.com/t699-effective-immediately-10-ml-cobalt-roll-on-bottles-are-discontinued-remaining-inventory-tomorrow-from-6-to-9-pm-est#4697 we will be listing remaining inventory for those that expressed interest in them, knowing they may receive a bottle that leaks.  These bottles will not be guaranteed and it is up to the consumer if they wish to purchase know this defect. Remaining inventory will be decanted to 5 ml roll on bottles. Our entire catalog will be offered in 5 ml roll on bottles from this point forward. Please read the other thread for full details.

Very limited stock remaining. The current list that will be available tomorrow night between 6 pm and 9 pm EST is as follows.  No holds or reserves:

Astral Temple x 5
Basilica x 1
Black Forest x 3
Black Leather, Red Lace x 1
Blackburn's Parlor x 2
Buttered Rum Mallow x 13
Cellar x 2
Cherry Vanilla Amberosia x 2
Edge of the Night x 2
Fires in the Night x 3
Flintlock x 6
Foxcroft Fairgrounds x 6
Heat of the Night x 3
High Noon x 4
Jack and the Devil x 2
Lavender Vanilla x 2
Library x 2
Maine Moon x 3
Manor x 8
Minister x 5
Owl Creek Aleworks x 1
Pharaoh x 8
Pumpkin Spice Latte x 2
Riverside Hayride x 1
Smokewood Apiary x 5
Sycamore Sugarworks x 1
Tenebrous Mist x 7
Thornwood Thicket x 6
Tropical Moon x 5
Violet Mallow x 2
Winslow's x 10
Winter Dove x 7

Many of these will likely not leak as the problem is not affecting every single bottle but by purchasing any of these bottles tomorrow, you acknowledge that no guarantee is given on the bottles.
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REMAINING 10 ML INVENTORY LIST (for release tomorrow 6 to 9 pm EST)
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