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 SCRYING SMOKE (General Catalog 2016)

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PostSubject: SCRYING SMOKE (General Catalog 2016)   SCRYING SMOKE (General Catalog 2016) EmptyTue Dec 06, 2016 5:57 pm

Natural and Meditative Melting Frankincense Resin, Frankincense Smoke, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cedar, Petigrain, Vetiver, Labdanum & much more

Scrying Smoke is an all natural blend focusing on the scent of raw frankincense tears melting over charcoal or in a resin and wood warmer. It contains a variety of frankincense oils, sweet delicate frankincense smoke, sandalwood, vetiver, rosewood, yellow mandarin, labdanum, petitgrain, cedar, tonka, hinoki wood and more. The supporting notes act as a pedestal for the sacred frankincense accord. This is a perfume for resin lovers. It is dark, reverent, sacred, meditative, calming, protective, mysterious, offertory, uplifting, grounding and ritualistic. The resin is warm and diffusive, evocative of the thurible smoke at Catholic service. This is not a single note frankincense essential oil; it is so much more. Scrying Smoke captures the scent of the bubbling, melting Hojary frankincense tears. Frankincense has been used for thousands of years in spiritual practice. It is an excellent aid for scrying and meditation. Though Scrying Smoke contains many essential oils and absolutes, they serve as a soft halo and base for the spotlight and core of this perfume, the frankincense resin, which glows vibrantly. Presented in a base of organic cane sugar alcohol.

SCRYING SMOKE (General Catalog 2016) Scryin11
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PostSubject: Re: SCRYING SMOKE (General Catalog 2016)   SCRYING SMOKE (General Catalog 2016) EmptyTue Dec 06, 2016 8:15 pm

Oh, Scrying Smoke, how I love thee!
This opens with a gorgeous smouldering frankincense, the scent of frankincense tears melting on charcoal.
As it mellows, it's less smoky and smouldery, but it's still all about the beautiful frankincense which is backed by wonderful woody notes and vanilla to round it out.
It's such a meditative and contemplative scent. As the scent gently wafts around me, it is exactly the experience of frankincense being burned, the smoke billowing in the air. It gives me such joy since I can't burn incense in my home (I have birds and they can't tolerate any kind of smoke). This is that experience encapsulated in a bottle.
On the extreme drydown, I would say this is like a "cousin" scent to Basilica, the frankincense and vanilla bearing a similarity to a stronger version of Basilica. Basilica fans, I think you'll enjoy this (Basilica is one of my most favorite scents).
Scrying Smoke has a really good wear length, especially considering this is a scent created with all natural oils. I get 4+ hours of scent from a couple of sprays.
Angela has done such a magnificent job with this.
Resin lovers and people who love burning frankincense tears, this is a must try. I love you
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PostSubject: Re: SCRYING SMOKE (General Catalog 2016)   SCRYING SMOKE (General Catalog 2016) EmptyFri Dec 16, 2016 12:09 pm

I love resin and incense scents, but I'm really picky about them. I don't like the dry, dusty varieties at all, and don't like when they are thin, sour or have any sort of a metallic edge.

Scrying Smoke is a masterpiece.

The core of this is molten and thickly sweet, with that almost cola-like richness to it. It's full of golden, beautiful, simmering frankincense with a sensual smokiness to it. I tend to dislike woodsmoke type notes, but this is definitely incense smoke (not sharp at all) and it's so good. The smokiness is persistent, but not dominant. The labdanum is a rich, warm, heavy amber cloak over the scent. And I get hints of peppery woods, evergreen touched cedar, and sweet vanilla.

Frankincense is hard for me to wear on its own, but the labdanum and other notes round it out beautifully and make it so rich and complex. Scrying Smoke plays up a lot of the sweet and woody facets of frankincense. I wear this and constantly think of being in the forest, but it's definitely lots of frankincense and labdanum.

Maria Candida Gentile's Sideris was previously my favorite incense fragrance, but Scrying Smoke is edging into the #1 spot in my heart. Scrying Smoke is more complex, dark, and mystical smelling to me.

I love this blend. Definitely one of my favorite edps. It smells so natural, and it lasts a good 8 hours on me with amazing throw.
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PostSubject: Re: SCRYING SMOKE (General Catalog 2016)   SCRYING SMOKE (General Catalog 2016) EmptyFri Mar 10, 2017 9:32 pm

Oh glory me, what a gorgeous frankincense! And not just frankincense, although it is indeed an exquisite one, and that note is showcased. There’s also a playful cola sweetness, and some clean cedar, and the resinousness of labdanum that makes me stop and savor the rockrose bush every time I pass it on a warm day. It actually is reminding me of, dare I say it, Fendi Theorema, that long-lost love. Not in an “exact duplicate” way, but in a way where it has the same TYPE of mix and stirs up the same kind of liking in me. But Scrying Smoke is for sure more about the frankincense(s). (Apparently there’s more than one type of frankincense in here.) Also, despite the name, this isn’t a heavily smoky scent, at least not on me. It’s much more resinous and even clean. It’s almost more an unlit incense bundle, warming in the sun. Getting more of this!
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PostSubject: Re: SCRYING SMOKE (General Catalog 2016)   SCRYING SMOKE (General Catalog 2016) EmptySun Jul 30, 2017 4:27 pm

This extrait could easily have been called Mass Censer or Cathedral Incense.  This is deeply resinous with a strong smoky quality and a bit of ashy-ness that smoothes out after a bit.  The frankincense combined with the cedar goes very well together, with everything finely blended.  It smells very close to actual incense being burned during The Mass.  Whereas Basilica is being in the cathedral when things are quiet, here the priest has now arrived.  This when worn together with Basilica puts you present at The Mass, with the aromatic incense smoke soaring up with the prayers amidst the carved wood, sun-lit stained glass windows, immense pillars and vaulted stone arches of the magnificent cathedral.  Another great job, Angela.  =)
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PostSubject: Re: SCRYING SMOKE (General Catalog 2016)   SCRYING SMOKE (General Catalog 2016) EmptyFri Feb 02, 2018 1:43 am

If Scrying Smoke was a drink it would be french champagne; a beautiful happy making fizzy light gold. On my skin it's very lemony and bright, just like tears of frankincense itself. I like it better than Basilica though the two layered together would be amazing.
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SCRYING SMOKE (General Catalog 2016)
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