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 Welcome to the Solstice Scents Forums: Please Read Before Posting

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Solstice Scents
Solstice Scents

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Welcome to the Solstice Scents Forums: Please Read Before Posting Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to the Solstice Scents Forums: Please Read Before Posting   Welcome to the Solstice Scents Forums: Please Read Before Posting EmptySun Sep 11, 2011 3:59 pm

Thank you for visiting the Solstice Scents Forums! We welcome you to join and become a part of the community. Members will have exclusive access to forum only contests and the ability to post in the various forums, including the private Members Only forum.

SOLSTICE SCENTS NEWS This forum is where we will post any news regarding upcoming Collections, Sales, Contests and more. It will mirror what we post on our blog for the most part but may also contain smaller updates that don't make it to the blog.

Welcome to the Solstice Scents Forums: Please Read Before Posting Tail2911

This category is comprised of 5 separate forums indicated below.

The SS Scent Reviews & Reference is a structured forum that contains all of our fragrances in alphabetical order. Please feel free to post directly in the threads here with your impressions of the scents you've tried.

SS Bath & Body Reviews
is the section to post about products such as Glace, Ganache, Whipped Soap, Sugared Amber, Turbinado Scrubs, Bath Salts, etc. This is an unstructured forum where you may post threads with reviews, questions about products, creative uses for the products, etc.

SS Facial Care Reviews:
This forum, like the SS Scent Reviews & Reference, is a structured forum containing threads for each of our Facial Care items. Post directly in the topics with questions, reviews, etc. about our Facial Care items. You may make new threads in this forum if you feel your contribution or question would be better served and more appropriate as its own topic.

SS Home Fragrance Reviews:
Home Fragrances are a brand new addition to the Solstice Scents line. This forum is structured with the current Home Fragrance oil options in alphabetical order, just like the SS Scent Review & Reference and SS Facial Care Reviews Forums. Please post directly in the provided threads with your reviews, impressions and questions!

SS General Discussion: This forum is for anything Solstice Scents that doesn't fit into one of the provided categories. Did you recently write a blog review or film a video of some SS products that you'd like to share? Post a thread here with a link! In addition to possibly adding reviews to topic threads, would you like to post a full review of your most recent order containing a variety of products and perhaps pictures?* This is the place to do that. Are you new to SS and do you wish to ask current customers for a recommendation or do you wish to ask a general SS question? Please feel free to post a thread in this forum. If you're looking for a discontinued product or currently unavailable Seasonal Product, you may also post a thread searching for that item. Any other thoughts on SS such as customer service, turnaround time, packaging, etc. are other topics that can be discussed here. The SS General Discussion forum is unstructured.

*If your SS post is something that could help other users, such as a review of one particular perfume, please consider posting that review in the SS Scent Reviews & Reference Forum as well since it is easily searchable and will be preserved in the appropriate thread.

Welcome to the Solstice Scents Forums: Please Read Before Posting Tail2911

GENERAL DISCUSSION:The General Discussion Forum is for anything and everything! This is the section to post about things that interest you and connect with other users. Food, Health, Entertainment, Makeup, Fashion, Nature, Alternative Medicine, Art, Sports, History - it's all fair game. Share recipes, talk about your favorite shows, link to your latest blog articles or YouTube video, post pictures from your most recent vacation, post your latest material find and more.

MEMBERS ONLY: The Members Only Forum is offered if there is something you wish to post that you don't want non-Members to be able to see. This is a general topic forum that is not geared towards SS so feel free to post anything you wish. It is only visible to members of the forum.

SS CONTESTS This forum will house contests that are available for members to participate in. Each contest will be in its own sub category which will be preserved for reference, even after the contest has ended. Some contests will be available for members only and will take place directly on the boards. SS Contests will be announced in the Solstice Scents News Forum and will commence in the SS Contests Forum.

SWAPS: In this forum you may swap items that did not work for you. You're welcome to swap items that are not Solstice Scents as well. Simply create a thread and post what you have available. Specify if you're wishing to sell the items with the price you're asking or if you would like to exchange them for some of your wishlist items.

Please be advised that we will not be moderating these swaps! Swap at your own risk with posters you recognize (perhaps from other forums). Solstice Scents does not guarantee the condition of products that have already left our workshop.

WISHLISTS: Post your wishlists in this forum if you wish to have one available when participating in swaps. You may post one if you want to keep track of specific items but we also have a wishlist feature on our website if you have an account.
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Welcome to the Solstice Scents Forums: Please Read Before Posting
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