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 TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011)

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PostSubject: TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011)   TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011) EmptySun Sep 18, 2011 6:48 pm

Musk, White Amber, Sea Spray, Sandalwood, Bay Rum, Tea, Smoke

Originally offered as part of the Summer 2011 collection in Perfume, Ganache & Glace. The perfume is now offered as part of the rotating General Catalog.

Description: This is the ominous foreshadowing of tumultuous weather to come. Wild seas, terror-tinged skin musk, soft spices, faint wood smoke and a mocking pleasurable sweetness. Tenebrous Mist is a complex blend featuring 16 components, each acting like crew members forming a strong cohesive unit. It is sweet, salty, delicately spiced with a soft warm smokiness and gentle blend of mild wearable musks.

These 3 mild musks blend with white amber, sea spray, sandalwood, Bay Rum EO, tea leaves and the smoke of a fire smoldering unchecked to create an incredibly unique fragrance. Tenebrous Mist is a unisex scent that wears like a second skin.

TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011) Tmperf10
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PostSubject: Re: TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011)   TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011) EmptyThu Oct 06, 2011 8:30 am

Once again, Angela has created a blend that completely took me by surprise. I'm not really a lover of "ocean" scents and musk I wore in the 70's and 80's to the point that it has to be blended very well or else I think "Coty" or "Jovan".

The minute I put this on, I thought "hmmm... I can smell ocean, I can smell musk.." and I started to immediately fall in love with it. The blending of all the components is really something! As in the description, it's sweet, salty, smokey and spicy.

TM has incredible staying power and is usually detectable after a full day of wearing it. This blend has easily become one of my top favorites in the entire line. It's perfect for summer without being fruity or overly sweet. I wore it practically every day for a few months and never tired of it at all. The ganache and glace are just as wonderful, perfect after a nice cool shower on a warm day!

I will never be without a bottle of this scent in my collection!

Highly recommended! cheers

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PostSubject: Re: TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011)   TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011) EmptyFri Feb 24, 2012 10:02 pm

I swapped for this one and I really like it. I had never heard of the scent before, only joining up here a few months ago. It smells like metal on me upon application, almost an ozone type windy metal. That is the only way I can describe it. It's just an unique smell, reminding me of deep gray clouds and thunder before a storm.

This metal note never goes away, to my enjoyment. It is pleasantly joined by some spice and a bit of bay rum meets tea, but overall, it's this wonderful misty metal note. I can't place the sandalwood or amber, but that is ok, since those notes tend to overpower blend when I wear them. I am thinking the musk and sea spray makes the metal note, but I don't know.

It's a great blend, since I love perfumes that invoke stormy skies, ozone and metal. It's better than expected, because I thought it might just smell like the ocean or pirate-like, which is fine, but this is excellent and I expect to wear this all the time! Smile

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PostSubject: Re: TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011)   TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011) EmptyThu Jul 26, 2012 9:05 pm

I have to start by saying I'm not one for most aquatics. Usually, the musk gives me a headache, and the marine note tends to smell like every other marine note out there (which means it can be used in candle form in just about any tourist shop on any coast).

Tenebrous Mist is the exception that breaks the rule.

On cold sniff, it's *almost* a typical aquatic scent. However, when I sniff a bit deeper, I get a lot that beckons me to put it on. I get a bit of salt, a bit of sweet, a bit of the smoke.

Immediately on my skin, this blossoms out into something incredible and is something that is far beyond the sum of its parts.The smoky note weaves in and out, providing depth and balance. The bay rum is dialed down low on me, but kicks in enough to pop up now and then to rough up the edges. I get a bit of what I think of as a jade green tea. As it dries down, the ambers and musks kick in, and the sandalwood gives it enough oomph and interest to hold it steady and keep it from fading. And sadly, what I just wrote is such a bland description for how this scent wears. But I can't think of any other way to describe it.

I've tried to put my finger on why I love this scent so much, and all I can come up with is that the notes are so beautifully balanced, there's no way to really pick out anything directly. The way it all comes together is stunningly lovely.

I'm glad I got a sample of this. I'm even more delighted that I was able to place an order for a bottle. And I know I'm going to be looking for this one to return every year. It is that awesome.
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PostSubject: Re: TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011)   TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011) EmptyWed Jul 17, 2013 12:12 am

Angela, this is a superb scent! I actually found it intellectually interesting as well as fascinating in its development. For my scent memories, there was a definite note of  seaweed/shellfish note that you sometimes get from the inside of sea shells and from oyster shells. Is it a seaweed / kelp note? There are very few true "ocean" fragrances available. Much of the rest of Tenebrous Mist contains subtleties that I doubt I'll be able to ferret out just with the test vial, so it will be a definite purchase for the future. Based on the first (and only) wearing, I got a lot more musk than smoke and I agree, that there is a definite sweetness to the fragrance, which did stay in check and did not dominate. I absolutely agree it is totally unisex and I will be delighted to wear it as I discover more details.

I have been thinking about Tenebrous Mist and I'm now more convinced it is really about the smell of your skin (the musks) after you have been out on the ocean instead of the mist itself. Maybe all true ocean fragrances are best worn outside, like the smell of the sea itself.

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PostSubject: Re: TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011)   TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011) EmptyFri Sep 20, 2013 9:51 pm

Ooh, I like this one quite a lot. It reminds me very much of memories growing up on the beaches of Central Florida, heavy thunderclouds, tidal flats, and wild teenage/tomboy adventure.
and it wears so beautifully on my skin. The soft musks seem to come out more the longer it's on, and others are right that this is a very interesting scent. For me it is perhaps more suited to spring/summer than Appalachian autumn, but I do look forward to wearing this one again!
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PostSubject: Re: TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011)   TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011) EmptyMon Sep 08, 2014 9:21 pm

Salty rum over bitter tea. As time passes, it gets muskier and smokier and just a bit tangy. Tenebrous Mist is a perfume you inhale deeply, for me. While it started out kinda weird, it quickly turns into something very lovely. It smells like a port on a night draped in such a thick fog that, though visibility is zero, you can almost taste local flavors infusing the air - the tea shoppe, the fireplace where someone's smoking tobacco, the bar, the waves rocking the boats. The drydown is a cozy, light warm sandalwood with some musk. Skin scent, 4+ hours.
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PostSubject: Re: TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011)   TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011) EmptyTue Sep 08, 2015 3:39 am

I almost bought a full size of this perfume, but I'm glad I went with the sample first. The salty smell really assaulted my nose, haha. It immediately made me think of salty water (not sea water) with a very metal tinge to it. Underneath was some kind of sweetness that was hiding. The very strong salty top note does fade out a bit after time and this really lovely fresh and sweet scent appears, which I really like. It reminds me of some kind of sweet sunscreen combined with a fresh moisturiser/body cream. The salt note never really disappears, it clings to whatever else is left. I'm still indecisive about how I feel about this perfume, but as always, I'm going to give it time; I like to re-visit all my oil perfumes every half year to year and more, just in case the ageing and my nose change their minds.
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PostSubject: Re: TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011)   TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011) EmptyTue Apr 26, 2016 5:09 pm

I put off trying this for a long time, I think because I thought it would be primarily aquatic, and clean fragrances aren't usually my thing.
There's a subtle current of cold, salty aquatic running through Tenebrous Mist, but I get a ton of wood, warm amber, and spiced bay rum, and it is *so good.* It smells very warm and rich, and makes me think of sun-baked wood and warm skin under a summer sun. A little smokiness comes through in the drydown, and with the bay rum, smells like a delicious, smoked sweet clove. That mixed with the warm, woody amber tones and a hint of cold, salty ocean spray is swoon-worthy <3. I want to slather this on my husband.
Musks can sometimes give me a headache, but there's nothing sharp or perfumey about this one, and the only musk I really get is a suggestion of sun-warmed skin.
Tenebrous Mist is awesome, and I need to upgrade my sample to a full bottle.
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PostSubject: Re: TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011)   TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011) Empty

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TENEBROUS MIST (Summer 2011)
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