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 Much love for SS!

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Much love for SS! Empty
PostSubject: Much love for SS!   Much love for SS! EmptyMon Sep 26, 2011 12:55 pm

Yay - I'm so happy to see the forum up and running! I've been adoring Solstice Scents for maybe a year and a half now, and I think I just happened onto Angela's genius one day while wandering around etsy.

The perfumes were definitely what first got me - SS is really the perfect company for me, since I love all variations on vanilla, resins and smoke, and Solstice SO shines with those types of blends. But the other products have been big winners for me too, especially the soaps (LOVE) and the facial products. AND the whipped soaps - I've been rediscovering my love for those lately.

So earlier this year, I ended up enabling a good friend one day when I was wearing Spirit Tree. She's originally from a tiny town in Tennessee, and we also just so happened to be reading The Hunger Games at the time (I know I should have read it ages ago and was constantly told so by all of my fellow book loving friends, but I finally got around to it this past spring). But to my point - she couldn't get over how much it reminded her of home, of the wildflowers and all of the native plants and just generally springtime on her family's land. We decided that Spirit Tree is definitely what District 12 smells like - sweet, green, floral, a little wild - also therapeutic and comforting, like what Katniss experiences when she's in her element in the woods, and it really just evokes the practical, calming usefulness of the plants - a gentle, sweet haven from harsh reality nearby.

ANYWAY, it's one of those crazy scent-memory things - I hadn't worn Spirit Tree in a couple of months and I happened to reach for it today and immediately I'm back there, reading Hunger Games for the first time. Also, it's just a damn beautiful scent. Very Happy
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Much love for SS!
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