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 Falconwing's Entry

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PostSubject: Falconwing's Entry   Falconwing's Entry EmptyFri Sep 30, 2011 6:36 pm

[b]I received a jar of Inis Elga for Christmas (2 years ago?) and the only thing that didnt wash off when the jar became empty was the name. Everything else was washed away. I googled Inis Elga, and there you were.

I was already an Etsy customer, so this made it even better.

I have sensitive skin, and I dot have skin reactions when I use your products.

I have favorites, but they change, because you keep adding New favorites for me Wink

I followed my bliss and it ended up with my nose in your jars.

Please, could you do me a favor? Maybe twice a Year (gifting Holidays perhaps) could you bring back
a retired scent? I missed out on your Lilac Soap, Your Garden Gate, and miss the Salty Mariner.(I know this one
was just retired) (oh for another Inis Elga!)

Gives me a reason to stock up and hoard some, because you never know if it will be offered again-(have to rationalize why my budget went out the window) Laughing

Thanks again for feeding a soul that didnt know it was hungry<3

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Falconwing's Entry
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