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 How do I love thee?

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How do I love thee? Empty
PostSubject: How do I love thee?   How do I love thee? EmptySat Oct 01, 2011 3:50 am

Let me count the ways...!

...okay, perhaps not. If I started doing that, I would be here for hours typing into this little square box.

Ahem. Anyhow. Hello, everyone! My name is Cat and I'm a Solstice Scents addict. Mhm. I discovered this happy world of delicious smelling treasure about a year ago through a friend of mine on Facebook. She linked SS in a post and I went to investigate. Several scent addictions later, here I am!

Currently, my favorite scent is Traveler's. It has been since last year when I tried it in the form of SS's glycerin soap. ...nom nom nom! I've posted a review expressing my full opinion of it on the scent's review page. Its practically magical to me.
My second favorite is Spellbound Woods. I also stated on that one's review page that I oddly find it to be the more feminine, dainty, elegant version of Traveler's...maybe with an underlying hint of mischief. Wink

If you're a new customer just arriving to explore this fun place, let me assure you, you will not be disappointed!! And when you become a helpless addict like the rest of us, we'll be here to welcome you with open arms as a support group! Hehe.
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How do I love thee?
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