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 The Different Faces of Foxcroft!

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The Different Faces of Foxcroft! Empty
PostSubject: The Different Faces of Foxcroft!   The Different Faces of Foxcroft! EmptyFri Oct 07, 2011 1:05 pm

Last night I did a COMPLETE Foxcroft bath experience and o.m.g. talk about how this one is different in each product!

I started with the Foxcroft bath salts, which are very woodsy, earthy and dark with just a hint of smoke. After a long soak, I washed off with the whipped soap which was very much like the bath salts, but not as dark.

Out of the shower I used the glace, which had all the elements of the salts and whipped soap, but there was a much stronger smokey note with just a hint of green.

I thought "oh what the hell... get the perfume oil and experience it all". As soon as I applied it, I was once again greeted with that strong green note, followed by the smoke, leaves, woods and earth. It brought all of the other products together... almost as if they were all parts of the total scent! It was a.m.a.z.i.n.g!

Lush tried to do this earlier this year on purpose with their men's "Dirty" range and for me, it failed horribly. It amazes me that Solstice Scents did it without even NOTICING! Smile

cheers to such an amazing scent which has quickly become one of my absolute favorites!

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The Different Faces of Foxcroft!
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