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 Could SS be turning me into a foodie..? Oh dear.

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Could SS be turning me into a foodie..? Oh dear. Empty
PostSubject: Could SS be turning me into a foodie..? Oh dear.   Could SS be turning me into a foodie..? Oh dear. EmptySun Dec 04, 2011 8:02 am

I'm usually more inclined towards woody and dark scents, but I thought I'd give a couple of the more foody-orientated scents a go.
My order included samples of Flintlock, Outpost, Night Star, and Snowshoe Pass, and also 2 whipped soaps in Dark Ginger Spicecake and Spiked Nog & Nutmeg.
While I love Flintlock on cold sniff, and also on my boyfriend, leather just doesn't work on me. My skin amps up the leather, and nullifies the other notes.
Outpost is probably my second favourite of the ones I've tried. I think the description for Outpost is pretty spot-on, and it also lasts for the whole day. I am definitely going to need a full-size bottle.
Night Star is very resinous and dry, and the most detectable note is the patchouli on my skin. I always worry about seeing lemon listed, because I hate ending up smelling like dishwashing liquid, but the lemon is only detectable on the dry-down and only faintly.
I thought that Snowshoe Pass might be the one I liked most, but once it's on my skin, all I get is musk, musk, and a bit more musk. It is a lovely musk, I admit, but it's a bit too much for me.
Spiked Nog & Nutmeg - I've honestly never tried Eggnogg. Is that a crime? This whipped soap smells pretty darn good, though.
I think the winning scent of that bunch has to be, for me, Dark Ginger Spicecake. I huffed the jar for an incredible amount of time, and I still keep going back to sniff it occasionally (even when I don't need to use it). I promptly ordered the perfume, and I think I may have to stock up until next Winter on the whipped soaps..

The HFO's in both winter scents are incredible, also. I've had many compliments from visitors asking what amazing thing I'm cooking. I really hope Angela expands the HFO line, because they're wonderful.

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Could SS be turning me into a foodie..? Oh dear.
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