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 The NEW labels!

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The NEW labels! Empty
PostSubject: The NEW labels!   The NEW labels! EmptyThu Dec 08, 2011 10:49 am

Hey all!

I just remarked on the SS FB page about the new labels. I've been out of the loop this past week with a NASTY head and chest cold and haven't really used any fragrances or products because I just can't smell them! Thankfully, it's now starting to come back, slowly.

So, in anticipation of being able to smell again, I cleaned out the bathroom last night... moving out all of the Autumn scented products like Manor, Foxcroft, Witches Cottage, Crumbling Crypt & Wail of the Banshee and replacing them with Flintlock, Outpost, Snowshoe Pass, Cedar & Siberian Fir and Spiced Cranberry and Spruce.

I took a shower and was AMAZED at the new labels. While I had seen and used the perfume oils, I hadn't really noticed them on the glace and whipped soap containers. They are sooo cool looking and wonderfully waterproof, smudgeproof and oilproof!

I'm going to have to hold on to a few containers with the old labels, especially the ones that have the Etsy link on them so in a few years I can say "Hey, I remember when!"

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The NEW labels!
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