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 A Winter's Tale

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PostSubject: A Winter's Tale    A Winter's Tale  EmptySat Dec 10, 2011 11:40 am

I ended up placing two orders for the winter far. Here are my thoughts on the scents so far!

Outpost: sugar crystals, spruce, fir, soft woods, bayberry, mistletoe, amber

This is probably my favorite so far! Upon application, the bayberry seems strongest on my skin, but honestly, if I hold my nose to my wrist, I can smell all of the notes at the beginning. As it mellows, that evergreen note is gorgeous! Outpost is such an easy-to-wear woodsy scent. Really impressed with the longevity and sillage of this one, too!

Snowshoe Pass: white amber, white musk, vanilla accord, peppermint cream, cold winds

Definite second place status! I feel like SS is one of the most "classically perfume" scents I've tried from Solstice Scents, so I can why it's so popular! I really enjoy "snow" notes, generally, and this is no exception. I find SS to be a sort of haunting scent. Elegant, yet easy-to-wear. I love wearing this one to work, and then adding a bit more for date night. It's a beautiful blend, and I hope this one sticks around full time Wink

Flintlock: tobacco, saddle leather, Virginia cedar, black pepper, woods, bayberry, evergreens

I find this one to be the older, very mysterious boyfriend of Outpost. Not a scent I can pull off everyday, since it's kind of a strong scent on me. At first, the tobacco is a bit hardcore on me. As it mellows, Flintlock is a nice blend of woods and leather. Usually, leather's not my most favorite note, but this scent is too interesting to pass up!

Night Star: nutmeg, patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, woods, lemon

NS was a surprise for me! The nutmeg and patchouli are a complex duo. I am a bit of a patchouli whore, so I was all over NS's description. The only part that made me nervous was the lemon note because I really don't like lemon scents. My skin tends to amp lemon, and me no likey. I am happy to say that NS only provides a hint of lemon on my skin for a short time. NS is a tinge strong in the beginning, but as it tapers off, it's so complex and woodsy. Reminiscent of a cool, dark forest. I love pairing this one with Manor, especially in the day time because Manor really tempers NS, and it isn't so OMGPATCHOULI for work, you know? Wink Even though I like that.

Russian Caravan: smoked black tea, leather, pomegranate, black currant, amber, pink peppercorn

I love, love this scent, but unfortunately, it's not lasting at all on my skin! I may try the glace to see if it sticks better. I love this smokey tea blend, and I think tea notes are really hard to pull off. Most places I've tried that have tea notes...well, I think they come off kind of fake. This isn't. It's a very honest tea scent, so I must find a way for it to work better in the lasting power.

I did grab a couple more scents, which I'll mention a few things of here. Roasted Chestnuts and Marshmallow, I think I'd prefer in a home scent. It's a better version of the B&BW Marshmallow Fireside. I like pairing this with Cenobite.

Also got both ginger variations, Dark Ginger Spicecake and Gingerbread and Vanilla Cream. I prefer Dark Ginger Spicecake, and I think I may pick up a full size bottle!

Whew! I think that's it Very Happy This was a really fun release!
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A Winter's Tale
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