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 Springtime Smellies

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PostSubject: Springtime Smellies   Springtime Smellies EmptyFri May 04, 2012 7:05 pm

So my order was primarily for toner, but I had to wait a few days so I could throw in a few Spring perfume samples. I couldn't resist Chantilly Cream, Chiffon, and Garden Gate -- there were a few others I wanted to try, but a budget is a budget. They'll have to wait. Sad

Chantilly Cream -- My favorite of the three. It goes on as a very fruity cream but the description is correct in saying that the fruit scent dissipates after a few minutes. It never disappears entirely, but what you get is a soft, sweet vanilla cream with just a kiss of juicy peach....and it lasts for HOURS. It is very soft and close to the skin, but I put it on about 10 pm and it was still on my wrists twelve hours later. Absolutely delicious, and this is probably going to be a bottle for me. Eventually. After I sate my absolute need for Black Forest, Manor, Black Leather Red Lace, and Cenobite. >_>

Chiffon -- Angela is correct in saying that Lemon Myrtle lasts much longer as a scent than actual lemon. I like how lemon smells but I don't usually bother with lemon perfumes; the few I've tried always smell good but are completely gone in two hours or less. This one stayed at least four and a half (until I washed it off), and didn't really show signs of fading further. Like Chantilly it's a sweet, vanilla creamy base, but in this case the fruit addition is much stronger so you get something a bit like lemon custard. Lemon fans should definitely give this one a try, although I'd say only on the underside of the wrists thanks to its photo sensitizing properties.

Garden Gate -- this smell is really true to life. I get lilac and grass, and it's beautiful, but I also find it incredibly strong and rather powdery. I'm sensitive to strong florals so I had to wash this one off after maybe twenty minutes, but it does smell like it's supposed to and I like that smell. I just can't have it on me or smell it constantly.

People who don't have this problem and like floral/grassy scents will probably enjoy Garden Gate. Smile
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Springtime Smellies
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