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 La primavera

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PostSubject: La primavera   La primavera EmptySat May 05, 2012 10:40 am

I was very happy to see the inclusion of the new premium oils and some creamy fruity scents in this season's lineup. Last year had some lovely florals, but I appreciate how Angela and Greg mix it up from year to year keep things fresh and interesting.

The packaging, as usual, was gorgeous. The lavender crinkles and petals were so sweet. I typically ask them to leave out the bookmarks and cards because I'd rather them save the money for their bottom line, but I do try to get a copy of each season's version because the graphics are so beautiful. (Their attention to detail is amazing.)

The first one I tried was Chiffon. I described it more in depth in the review thread, but the lemon is never sharp and adds just the right amount of piquancy to the softer "white" ingredients, especially during the dry down. It's very refined, but not fussy at all. This is perfect for graduations, weddings, and outdoor parties. I really like this one!

Chantilly has a very silky, dessert-like feel. It's vey pretty, but to add some counterpoint I layered it with Tobacco Vanilla (I know this may sound horrible, but I was fascinated!) It added just the right amount of complexity and depth. Instead of cherry tobacco, it's peach tobacco.

As I mentioned above, Vanilla Pipe Tobacco is going to be a fun layering ingredient, but is also very pretty on its own. It's not sharp or over-the-top caramel, which I've experienced with other tobacco blends. This was also nice with Cocoa Mallow.

I'm looking forward to testing Courtyard, Cascade, and my two scrubs as well.
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La primavera
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