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PostSubject: Le Printemps   Le Printemps EmptyWed May 16, 2012 7:58 pm

I like florals a lot, and Angela does them better than anybody. So I was eagerly anticipating the spring collection and I have a couple of new favorites now.

Let's see, in the category of "new to me" were:

Apple Mallow bath salts - I loved these! They produced a really nice, crisp, true apple scent in the bath. The scent is definitely stronger in the water. I was quite sad when a leaky hotel tub cheated me of my last Apple Mallow bath! I'd buy more whenever they come back, which might be next spring by the sounds of it.

Wren bath salts - wonderful. There is often something in one of Angela's collections about which I think "dang, should have bought out the lot of those." The Wren salts for me were it this time. I was concerned that they would smell like grass. Well, they don't. I'm not sure I can describe the fragrance adequately, but I'm pretty sure that I was picking out the petigrain and luxuriating in that. It's one of the loveliest herbally-floral blends from Angela that I've tried.

Black Tea and Bergamot salts - OK, but not my favorite this time. The scent strength didn't seem to match that of the other bath salts in the Spring collection.

Garden Gate salts - I'd had the perfume imp last year, and loved it. It's pretty much straight up lilac to my nose. It smells like my Gramma's garden in the bath.

Chiffon and Courtyard perfumes - weirdly, both of these haven't lasted long enough on my skin for me to evaluate them. They smell great for about 15 minutes and then disappear on my skin. I will let them sit for a while and see if they attain greater staying power.

Chantilly Cream perfume - I got a sample and then ordered a full bottle. I appreciate Angela's impulse to make a scent that was more work-friendly and restrained. It's creamy peaches on me - without being sickly sweet at all - which is an assessment that seems to be common.

In the category of old friends from last year:

Garden Gate, Devil's Millhopper, and Dellamorte perfumes. I appreciate that Dellamorte is one of the few scents I can wear that has any kind of musk in the blend. I bought full bottles of the first two. We'll see if I can resist doing the same for Dellamorte. Wink

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PostSubject: hmmm   Le Printemps EmptyThu May 17, 2012 1:08 am

I think you've talked me into the Wren...was wavering...
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Le Printemps
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