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 NEW, Discontinued & Restocked Products

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PostSubject: NEW, Discontinued & Restocked Products   NEW, Discontinued & Restocked Products EmptyWed Aug 08, 2012 7:14 pm

TONIGHT AT 6 P.M. EST, a few new products are being added along with a few restocks and the remaining inventory of a few scents that will sadly be discontinued.


BLACK FOREST Ganache, Burnishing Glace and Whipped Soap. Black Forest has been a popular dark and woody gourmand scent that was originally released for the V-Day Collection 2012 in perfume only. It has since been added to the General Catalog as a perfume oil but we decided to expand it into a few other products as part of our rotating General Catalog of other bath and body products. What is a rotating General Catalog? Most of our GC scents are available in perfume format. Many of these fragrances have corresponding products such as Ganache, Burnishing Glace, Whipped Soap, etc. These other bath and body products are not always in stock but rather rotate in their availability so that there are generally new things offered. We like to have the ability to retire scents temporarily that have been in stock for a while or that aren't as popular in order to make room for other products to be made. As a two-person operation with a large catalog, this allows us the ability to offer a lot of items on a rotating basis as our production capacity allows. As a result, the new products in the Black Forest fragrance will not be in stock every day of the year but will rotate in availability as time and demand allows. It will be priced along the lines of Manor due to some of the pricey ingredients involved in creating this scent.

Also NEW to the shop is the long-awaited Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Fruit and Cream Masque! Some of you have been hearing me threatening a release of this one for years. This new masque is intended to be used as a once a week or bi-weekly reviver in conjunction with your other skin care routine items. It is not to be used as often as the Oatmeal, Coconut Milk & Honey Masque but considered as a rich supplement. Hydroxy rich fruits such as strawberry, moisturizing banana, pomegranate, mango, pumpkin and orange peel are combined with creamy coconut milk. Hydroxys are believed to help loosen dead skin cells, encourage new cell growth, soften skin and improve tone. They may assist in softening scars and the natural salicylic acid in fruits like strawberries may assist those with blemish prone skin. Beta hydroxy is oil soluble which means that it can penetrate into the skin better than the water soluble alpha hydroxy acids. They can be especially helpful for cleansing clogged pores and removing blackheads as well. Full details and directions will be on the listing for this masque. It is not recommended for use prior to prolonged sun exposure as while hydroxys may assist in helping sun damaged skin, they also increase sun sensitivity. Sunscreen is recommended after using this masque.


Rosemilk Day Cream, Shoikan Grove Perfume, Violet Truffle Perfume, Violet Truffle Ganache, Nightgown Ganache, Nag Champa Ganache and Nag Champa Whipped Soap


It is with a heavy heart that the following fragrances will be discontinued. Some of these are scents offered from near the start of our business locally, some offered early on in our online career. One of the oils used in these blends has been discontinued and I've yet to find its like. I will attempt to reformulate some of these at some point but there is no ETA on any of them as of yet. What I will have listed tonight is all I have remaining of these scents. Most are in very limited supply so if you really want any of them, I highly recommend getting them while you can. Conjure is one I will definitely try to reformulate but it will never smell exactly as it did, nor will any of the others that may end up being reformulated.

The following scents (perfume roll-ons) will be listed for the last time in their current incarnation tonight: Amber Rose Petals, Astral Temple, Black Leather/Red Lace, Conjure, Cherry Vanilla Amberosia and Travelers. All have been removed from the sample packs and the free sample at checkout as we decanted everything left of these. I am so sorry to disappoint anyone who loves these scents. I did not want to discontinue any of them but I have no choice.

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PostSubject: Re: NEW, Discontinued & Restocked Products   NEW, Discontinued & Restocked Products EmptyThu Aug 09, 2012 1:46 am

I am so sad about the discontinuance of Conjue and Cherry Vanilla Amberosia perfumes. They were two very unique and favorite scents of mine and I will sorely miss them. Sad
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NEW, Discontinued & Restocked Products
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