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 *updated*Destashing-Solstice,Villianess,Haunt,Gloi and more!

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*updated*Destashing-Solstice,Villianess,Haunt,Gloi and more! Empty
PostSubject: *updated*Destashing-Solstice,Villianess,Haunt,Gloi and more!   *updated*Destashing-Solstice,Villianess,Haunt,Gloi and more! EmptyFri Nov 30, 2012 2:03 am

Scented mists/sprays/glace:

Solstice Scents Manor Glace- Full, only used a couple of times- $10
Solstice Scents Cellar Glace- Full, used once- $10
Solstice Scents Caramel Apple Glace-Full, used maybe twice- $9
Solstice Scents Nightgown Glace- Full, used maybe once?-$9
Solstice Scents Thornwood Thicket Glace- Full, used a few- $9
Solstice Scents Tenebrous Mist Glace- Full, only used a few times- $9

Haunt Beguiling Bath and Body's Palmist glossing oil- Used once- $8
Haunt Witch Wife glossing oil- $8

Steambath Factory Body Mist (Etsy store) in Big Top- never used- $4
Steambath Factory Body Mist in Queen of Hearts- used once- $4
Steambath Factory Body Mist in Little Red- used once- $4


* Note that all soaps are placed in sandwich bags when received to preserve scent.

Dreaming Tree Soapworks Soaps

La Fee Verte Salt bar (Limited Halloween)- sealed- $5
Salem Salt Bar(limited Halloween)- sealed- $5
Samhain Night (limited Halloween- sealed $5
Calypso- sealed- $4
Jolly Roger- Sealed- $4

Future Primitive Soaps

The Dead Marshes (limited Edition)- Decorative paper gone, but still has label band- $5
Souls Midnight (limited Edition) - No paper, but has label band- $5

Valhalla Soap Co. Soaps

* Her soaps come in paper bags that rip apart when opening. I have preserved label and placed in sandwich bags

Wicked Lullaby (limited Edition)- $3
Shadow Walker (limited Edition)- $3

Haus of Gloi Soaps

* All are in original plastic, but the tops have been cut open. Have been living in sandwich bags for scent preservation

Samhain (limited edition)- $4
Satyr - $4

Villainess Soaps
*Plastic shrink-wrap has been removed on all of them. They are in the original cigar bands in individual plastic bags

Villainess- $3
Antihero- $3
Neisthei (limited edition)- $4
Blood- $3

Blackbird Soap Co. Soaps
*all with original cigar band, but no shrink wrap. Have been living individually in plastic bags.

Goldilocks- $3
Palekaiko- $3

Arcana Soaps

Trinidad- $4
Romani Princess- $4

Creamery Creek Soaps

Cleopatra's Bath- $3

~~~Please private message me for any inquiries and to set up transaction. I only have flat rate envelopes and boxes at this time~~~
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*updated*Destashing-Solstice,Villianess,Haunt,Gloi and more!
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