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 Valentine's Day release & General Catalog restock today 2/13 at 6 pm EST

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Valentine's Day release & General Catalog restock today 2/13 at 6 pm EST Empty
PostSubject: Valentine's Day release & General Catalog restock today 2/13 at 6 pm EST   Valentine's Day release & General Catalog restock today 2/13 at 6 pm EST EmptySat Feb 13, 2016 6:08 am

Valentine's Day release & General Catalog restock today 2/13 at 6 pm EST Ccws110

(Photos of the new perfumes will be uploaded here, Instagram @solsticescents and to Facebook later today)

Our Valentine's Day release and General Catalog perfume restock will happen today, Saturday, February 13 at 6 pm EST. There is important info on our bottles below the preview list so please read that.  We have stocked most of our General Catalog, and a few seasonals, in the new 5ml blue roll on bottles.  For those who haven't heard yet, we have discontinued our 10 ml roll on bottles. More info at bottom of this post. NEW PERFUMES are listed at bottom of list with their full descriptions.

Ganache: Cherry Cordial, Black Forest, Nightgown, Violet Mallow, Violet Truffle, Cherry Vanilla Amberosia.  There are also a very few Snowshoe Pass Ganache from the last small batch I made that will be listed.

Whipped Soap: Cherry Cordial, Black Forest, Nightgown, Cherry Vanilla Amberosia, Manor

Glace: Cherry Cordial, Black Forest, Nightgown, Cherry Vanilla Amberosia, Manor, Violet Mallow, Edge of the Night, Black Leather/Red Lace Tully

5 ml roll on Perfumes: Cherry Cordial for returning V-Day scent. We restocked most of our catalog as mentioned above. General Catalog perfumes will now be in 5 ml blue roll ons.  "Premium Perfumes" will remain in clear 5mls for the time being.

* = Perfumes originally introduced in previous years' Valentine's Collections that are now General Catalog.  You may wish to consider these for V-Day inspired perfumes to sample or as companion perfumes to the body care listed above.

Astral Temple
Blackburn's Parlor
Black Forest*
Black Leather, Red Lace
Buttered Rum Mallow (last few bottles)
Cardamom Rose Sugar
Cherry Cordial (V-Day)
Cherry Vanilla Amberosia*
Cocoa Absolute
Corvin's Apple Fest
Courtyard **This fragrance will be discontinued when our supply runs out**
Covered Bridge
Edge of the Night
Fires in the Night
Foxcroft Fairgrounds
Gibbon's Boarding School
Grey's Cabin
Heart of the Night*
Heat of the Night
High Desert
Jack & the Devil
Lavender Vanilla
Lemon Ginger Creams
Maine Moon
Manor Fire
Maplewood Inn
Night Watcher
Old Havana
Owl Creek Aleworks
Private Eye
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Riverside Hayride
Rose Leather*
Rose Mallow Cream*
Shadows in the Night
Smokewood Apiary
Snowmint Mallow
Snowshoe Pass
Sun-Warmed Honey
Sycamore Chai
Sycamore Sugarworks
Tenebrous Mist
Thornwood Thicket
Vanilla Pipe Tobacco
Violet Mallow*
Violet Truffle*
Violet White Leather*
Whispers in the Night
White Fox
Winter Dove
Witch's Cottage

Also 1 x Gardenia Enfleurage 3.7 ml bottle

60 ml EDPs:

Conjure Dark
Estate Vanilla
Manor Fire
Snowshoe Pass
White Feather
Wolf Spirit

A variety of 3.3 ml EDP samples will be restocked as well (Library, Conjure, Thornwood Thicket, White Feather, etc.)


If you're in our private Facebook community group, you already know that there are 2 new all-natural botanical perfumes being offered for Valentine's Day.  Like many of our previous Valentine's Day offerings, these have the potential to be added to our General Catalog.  We wanted to have some challenging perfumes that aren't as predictable for Valentine's Day as a few of our other offerings. Natural perfumes offer the user a more intimate experience as they do not typically have the sillage or longevity of their synthetic counterparts. These blends do open very strong and fragrant but settle down quickly and last pleasantly for several hours closer to the skin.  If you are familiar with our other natural blends such as Private Eye and Incensum, these have similar performance.  Both natural perfumes are presented in organic cane sugar alcohol in 5 ml blue roll on bottles.  Photos will be added later today!

White Chocolate, French Lavender, Bulgarian Lavender, Tonka, Cocoa Absolute, Raspberry

Not to be used by women who are pregnant or nursing

Lavender Raspberry Truffle opens with a blend of five lavender essential oils, including organic and wild lavenders from Bulgaria and France. The lavender is very strong and fragrant on initial application.  It is accompanied by sweet white chocolate and a hint of jammy raspberry.  The opening of this perfume is similar to our Lavender Vanilla fragrance.  The lavender settles after 5 to 10 minutes, allowing the white chocolate to peak through alongside the raspberry.  The dry down of this perfume is a blend of white chocolate and raspberry and the lavender all but disappears after its initial soothing burst in the opening.  The raspberry is not tart and bitter, rather it is very sweet and incredibly jammy or like a homemade raspberry coulis with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.  The tonka and organic vanilla tincture enhances the fresh jam suggestion of the raspberry note.  This blend is especially lovely applied before bed.

Shake gently before use.  Natural botanical blend in organic cane sugar alcohol.

Taste it:

Lavender Chocolate Bar from Manoa Hawaii:

Heidi's Lavender Raspberry Organic Jam (highly recommended.  This jam is extremely fragrant and smells like our perfume!):

Lavender Honey Truffle:

Fresh Raspberry Truffle:

Chocolate, Pinyon Pine, Pinyon Resin, Swiss Stone Pine, Tonka, Vanilla

Not to be used by women who are pregnant or nursing

Pinyon pine has a somewhat fruity taste and scent that makes it uniquely suited to pair with gourmand notes of rich cocoa absolute and sweet vanilla and tonka.  Pinyon Truffle opens with a bloom of pinyon and swiss stone pine notes with the chocolate just behind. The tonka and vanilla serve to soften the edges of the pine note.  After the initial application where the pine is most apparent, the blend quickly settles into an earthy gourmand. The concept was to present a perfume that featured cocoa in a gourmand capacity to showcase the pinyon note as edible, but to also portray cocoa in an earthy non-gourmand effect.  This duality serves to create a mouthwatering yet grounding earthy scent that is unique and unusual.  The dry down is not a typical pine scent. When combined with the sweeter elements and the fudgy chocolate, the pine shifts into a slightly spicy cardamom-like note with a touch of the fruity pinyon needles and just a trace of the recognizable pine fragrance.  

Shake gently before use.  Natural botanical blend in organic cane sugar alcohol.

Taste it:

Wild Omen's Pinon Pine Dark Raw Chocolate Bar (highly recommended.  This tastes exactly like the perfume smells towards the dry down. The slightly fruity note of the pinyon is definitely detectable in the dark, incredible smooth and high quality chocolate):

Douglas Fir Spring Tip Tea (a slightly fruity fir needle tea. Delicious!):

Pine Syrup from Dram Apothecary (can be used for cocktails, baking and more):


After much research and deliberation, we have decided to commit to the 5ml cobalt blue roll on bottles as the bottle that will replace the 10 ml bottles we have used for years.  These 10 mls were recently discontinued due to leaking.  You can read all the details about that in this thread, if you have not already:

At the time that thread was written, we had been pursuing a custom bottle for our perfumes for several months with a variety of glass manufacturers and that ball was still in play. We had planned to make the transition gradually, not the way it ended up. A lot of research was being done and we thought we were well on our way to finalizing a contract with a company. We did not have all of the facts about the bottle at the time we had to abruptly discontinue our 10 ml bottles so there was a plan to initially only temporarily go to the 5 ml bottles and as such, the thought was that the perfume prices would be slightly reduced temporarily. Our custom bottle size was going to be around 7.5 ml. It is unfortunate that we had not yet received our samples of the bottles, only to find they will not work for our needs (there were problems with them), when we discontinued the 10 ml bottles.  This affects the pricing as we are now permanently committing to the 5 ml roll on bottles.  When we discontinued the 10 ml bottles, we had to take a hard look at pricing and reached the conclusion that are pricing was not suitable for our size, quality, business sustainability and wholesale opportunities. This was briefly covered in the other thread. Now that we have our bottles settled, the pricing was the next thing that we were able to address.  Most of the new 5 ml perfumes will be in the $15 range on average, as our 10 mls were.  We will soon be doing away with the "premium perfume" class distinction and all perfumes will just be "perfume".  Anything of a "premium" nature will be priced as such.  For example, the all natural blend Incensum is a premium perfume currently offered at $23.  It is the most expensive perfume in our roll-on format and it is priced considering the complex nature of the formula and the many rare, precious and exquisite ingredients in the perfume.  Rather than having class distinctions, product will simply be priced according to the formula/cost of ingredients.  However, most perfumes will be in the $15 range with rare exceptions for when I want to use exquisite oils that are very pricey.  

We originally introduced the premium 5ml line as my palette grew and my formulas became more complex.  It was the way we could still offer approximately $15 perfumes because the perfumes would have had to be much more expensive with the 10 ml volume.  Over the past few years, many of the blends that have been released were of the 5 ml premium quality but may or may not have been in that format.  Had we kept going with the 10 ml bottles, more and more of our new releases would have been in the 5 ml due to the time, complexity, cost and quality of the new perfumes.  This new format is going to be best for us because we plan to continue on this level of quality.

We will be retaking all of the photos and there will be a slightly new look as well.  We are constantly striving to improve our quality whether it be product quality, packaging, concepts, customer service, photos, etc.  This process will take several months as our catalog is so large and many of the scenes are elaborate and will take time to recreate them all.  As we proceed with this transition, eventually all of the premium perfumes that are currently in clear 5 ml roll on bottles will transition to the 5 ml cobalt blue roll ons.  One bottle for consistency.  We look forward to completing this project!

In the meantime, all the lead thumbnail photos on the site will not change from their original scenes.  I'm editing every listing that used to say 10 ml to show 5 ml.  When you click on the listing from the perfume category, the lead perfume photo will change to a stock image of the actual bottle you will receive.  Since the bottles are also blue with black lids and the label is the same, we felt the scenes could be preserved without confusion to new customers.  Current customers that don't know about our discontinuation of the 10 ml bottles will see notices on our perfume page and on the checkout page, edited listings to show 5 ml size and the aforementioned photo insert.  We are trying to be as clear about this change is possible without having to remove all of our unique photos to put a bland stock image for several months.  Hopefully between all of the announcements, social media and newsletter, everyone will be apprised of the change.

tl;dr: New bottles will be 5 ml cobalt blue roll ons, we won't be going with the custom bottle we had been pursuing, perfume pricing will be $15 on average, we will be getting rid of the class distinction between premium and regular perfumes and let the pricing on the perfume distinguish that when necessary, we'll be taking new photos over the next few months and slightly updating our packaging. I then explain how we're making every effort to clearly show consumers that we have changed to a smaller bottle.

Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your support.
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Valentine's Day release & General Catalog restock today 2/13 at 6 pm EST
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