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 Swap Europe (SS, CP, BPAL, others)

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Swap Europe (SS, CP, BPAL, others) Empty
PostSubject: Swap Europe (SS, CP, BPAL, others)   Swap Europe (SS, CP, BPAL, others) EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 5:05 am

Hi. I am looking to try new SS scents, samples or full-size.
Willing to swap anywhere, I am in France.
Here is what I have
Full size of:
Blueberry Lavender Truffle
Samples of:
Buttered Rum Mallow
Cardamom Rose Sugar
Cherry Cordial
Cherry Vanilla Amberosia
Corvin's Apple Fest
Dark Ginger Spicecake
Fires in the Night
Foxcroft Fairgrounds
Lavender Raspberry Truffle
Library (oïl and EDP sample)
Manor Fire
Pinyon Truffle
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Snowshoe Pass
Violet Truffle

For a list of BPAL, CocoaPink, and Firebird, please contact me.

Particularly interested in : Black forest, blackburn's parlor, edge of the night, jack and the devil, Lavender Vanilla, Owl Creek Aleworks, Smoky mountain Mallow, sycamore chai, thornwood thicket, vanilla pipe Tobacco winter dove, blossom jam teacakes, cameo, chantilly cream, chiffon

But willing to consider anything.

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Swap Europe (SS, CP, BPAL, others)
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