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 SPRING RELEASE tonight at 7 pm EST!

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SPRING RELEASE tonight at 7 pm EST! Empty
PostSubject: SPRING RELEASE tonight at 7 pm EST!   SPRING RELEASE tonight at 7 pm EST! EmptySat May 26, 2018 7:53 pm

PLEASE READ: Please pay careful attention to the list below. There are several items in this release that are exclusive to WHIPPED SOAP and/or DEAD SEA SALT SOAKS. This means they are not available as a perfume. Please do not list these scents in your sampler pack! Spring perfumes are available in the sample 5 and 10 packs.

CAMEO: ****NO 1 ML SAMPLES OFFERED!!!*** LIMITED RELEASE OF 7 5 ml perfume oils, ONE 60 ml EDP and 8 2.5 ml EDP sample sprays. THIS IS IT. Please do not request this in your sample pack!!! More info about Cameo by scrolling down.

PRODUCTS OFFERED IN WHIPPED SOAP AND/OR BATH SALTS ONLY (Perfumes will be listed just below this list):

APPLE MALLOW: Whipped Soap and Dead Sea Salt Soaks only

Apple Mallow features a bold crisp green apple with a soft sweetness around the sharper edges. Fresh, fruity, sweet, simple apple with no spice or pastry.


Very ripe blueberries, a load of brown sugar crumb topping, baker's vanilla, batter. Very sweet gourmand fruit scent.

CARNATION BLACK TEA: Whipped Soap only

This scent is heavily focused on black tea with a little bergamot, some slightly spicy carnation on a base of amber musk. Black Tea is most dominant with the warm musk hovering just beneath. The carnation is not too strong; it just adds a nice floral and spice aspect to the tea accord.

HONEYSUCKLE GREEN TEA: Whipped soap only

Notes of honeysuckle, matcha green tea and a touch of honey and lemon. Slightly reformulated from the original incarnation of this fragrance, which was offered several years ago.

TEA ROSE: Whipped Soap only

Tea Rose Whipped Soap features notes of rose, green tea and tea rose. It is a bright, fresh rose fragrance. Delicate tea roses have a softer fragrance than many of their counterparts. Light tea roses combine with bright and fresh green tea leaves to create a mild tea and rose fragrance. Contains rose absolute and fragrance oils.  

GARDEN GATE: Whipped Soap and Dead Sea Salt Soaks only

Voluptuous Lilac blossoms in the foreground combine with faint traces of cascading wisteria and subtle, fresh, green grass notes.  Contains a blend of fragrance oils and African Bluegrass EO to create a sweet, creamy and gorgeous floral.  A very strong scent out of jar but quite lovely in the shower.  

ORANGE BLOSSOM: Whipped Soap only

Primary an orange blossom aroma with a little Egyptian Musk, yellow mandarin and blood orange. Very bright and bold floral softened by the gentle Egyptian Musk.


AFTER THE RAIN: Alcohol based natural perfume 5 ml and 60 ml only (and samples)

Not for women who are pregnant or nursing.

After the Rain is a natural perfume in organic cane sugar alcohol featuring notes of lilac, purple wisteria, blue lotus absolute, rain, new green leaves, wild violets, soil, clary sage and more. After the Rain is a lilac-heavy fragrance with green and petrichor top notes. This perfume celebrates the eruption of blooms that occur after the spring rains. It is a cool-tone purple floral with delicate rain drops clinging to the velvet petals and lush green leaves. The rain accord comes through as the scent of rain left after the storm has passed, rather than the strong eruption of petrichor that explodes as soon as the rain begins to fall. It is a cool, wet, misty impression that hovers around the bold lilac, wisteria and peaceful blue lotus absolute. The wild violets are subtle and meld with the bolder floral notes rather than standing our like in our violet focused perfumes. The green elements are carefully restrained and primarily detectable along with the rain top notes upon initial application. After the Rain feels romantic, Victorian, haunting, mysterious and elegant. It conjures visions of being in the English countryside in a stone cottage covered in wisteria vines. The leaded glass window has been left open to allow the cool rain-tinged air and the scent of florals and greenery to waft in. A touch of cool wet earth remains into the dry down, just behind the flowers.

CAMEO: ****NO 1 ML SAMPLES OFFERED!!!*** LIMITED RELEASE OF 7 5 ml perfume oils, ONE 60 ml EDP and 8 2.5 ml EDP sample sprays. THIS IS IT. Please do not request this in your sample pack!!! Discontinued due to a component we can no longer source. This is all we were able to make with small amount of remaining concentrate. Will sell fast!

Cameo is a delicious gourmand fragrance blended with rose. Almond, rose, yellow cake, tonka bean absolute, coconut flakes, creamed ginger and a light top note of bitter red orange EO combine to create a sweet feminine floral.

The almond is dominant on cold sniff and initial application, followed by rose. As Cameo settles on the skin, the almond smoothes out and the tonka bean comes to the foreground. The coconut flake and yellow cake emerge and meld with the tonka and the light zing of creamed ginger. The rose and almond become very soft and well blended with the rest of the notes. The orange is a top note that does not linger in the final composition.

Cameo contains a blend of fragrances, Moroccan rose absolute, tonka bean absolute, ginger CO2 and bitter red orange essential oil.

CHANTILLY CREAM: Perfume oil, Burnishing Glace (also available as 1 ml perfume oil sample in sample packs)

Our Chantilly Cream is white fluffy whipped cream sweetened with vanilla and just a touch of peach nectar.    A light addition of lovely yellow mandarin essential oil tempers the juicy peach note.  The primary notes in this blend are the whipped cream and a blend of vanillas and they are also the longest lasting.  The peach nectar and yellow mandarin are more detectable in the cold sniff of the blend and are very subtle on the skin and add a juicy touch to the more dominant scent of the whipped cream accord.   This fragrance is best judged not on cold sniff or immediately after application but after about 5 to 7 minutes of morphing before its true scent is revealed.  It will become sweeter the longer it wears and the fruit notes will eventually recede completely.  

Chantilly Cream has a profile that is very light, sweet and delicate.  It hugs very close to the skin and is intended for a gentle skin sweetening treat when you wish to wear something a little lighter and less heady near those sensitive to fragrance, in the work environment or just because you want to indulge in something a little softer in scent and throw.  It is a versatile scent that would pair and layer wonderfully with fragrances in your collection that contain notes of coconut, cake, fruit, vanilla or even select floral scents (white florals such as jasmine, tuberose and lily especially).  It layers nicely with Chiffon too!  

CHIFFON: Perfume oil, Eau de Parfum, Burnishing Glace (Available as 1 ml perfume oil in sample packs and 2.5 ml EDP sample spray as well)

Chiffon is a dual concept fragrance that brings together the airy, sweet and refreshingly tart taste of Lemon Chiffon pie and the elegant, wispy and equally airy beauty of chiffon fabric.  A very special top-shelf, perfectly sweet and non-cloying vanilla (one of the vanillas in Nightgown) provides a base for a delicate touch of white amber and white musk.  Chiffon is completed with the bright and uplifting scent of pure lemon myrtle essential oil.  The lemon myrtle is one of the dominant notes on cold sniff and initial application.  It will recede within 5 to 10 minutes and allow the other notes to emerge.  Unlike most lemon essential oil top notes that disappear fairly quickly, lemon myrtle EO has a strong lemon-like scent but also a very good staying power.  Lemon Myrtle is distilled from the leaves of a native Australian Tree.  As it fades and takes a back seat to the other notes a wonderful, sweet, ethereal and beautiful long-lasting scent is left behind.   The longer Chiffon is on the skin, the sweeter it gets.  The vanilla is the longest lasting note of the blend and takes on a glorious whipped cream and an almost marshmallow note the longer it is on the skin.  A really lovely and sophisticated scent!  Fans of some of our other scents like Nightgown, Snowshoe Pass and Manor should really enjoy Chiffon.  

While Chiffon is overall a scent that smells light and airy like clouds, it also is pretty strong and seems to grow stronger the longer it is on the skin so apply a modest amount on your first try and let it sit for about 45 minutes to gauge how much you will need for future applications.

GIN FLOWER: Natural alcohol based perfume in 5 ml and 60 ml perfume only (samples available)

Not to be used by women who are pregnant or nursing.

Gin Flower is a delicious natural perfume in organic cane sugar alcohol. This is based off a gin and St. Germain elderflower liqueur cocktail and is the first in a series of cocktail perfumes. Elderflower liqueur tastes like nectar. It is a sweet liqueur with notes of pear, apricot and honey. Gin Flower is sweet, lightly fruity, fizzy and zesty scent with loads of osmanthus flower absolute. Osmanthus, also known as tea olive, has a strong apricot-like note. It is more fruity than floral and also has the faintest leather note to it. Osmanthus and apricot are the strongest mid to base notes along with a large dose of vanilla and subtle traces of organic Hawaiian sandalwood. The top notes are juniper berries, which give gin it's distinctive flavor, lime zest and juice and citron. Gin Flower also contains a special elderflower accord made with tons of elderflower CO2, pear, manuka honey accord (vegan) and apricot. On initial application, you will smell a burst of a gin and tonic due to the juniper, lime and citron notes. These are short lived top notes that give way to the generous saturation of osmanthus, vanilla and elderflower. Gin Flower develops quickly and becomes fairly linear but retains a slight zest along with the sweet and fruity apricot/osmanthus. The combo is mouthwatering and uplifting. As a natural perfume, longevity is a bit shorter than our mixed media or synthetic perfumes. After the initial opening, the perfume will wear a bit closer to the skin with a more intimate throw. It does last for several hours and it does waft from the skin. It will continue to get stronger as it ages in the bottle so the scent will be even more concentrated/strong months from now. For best results, apply very generously with a few layers (apply, let dry, apply more to the same spot. Do this a few times) and it will last surprisingly long for a natural! The performance is even better on clothing when sprayed in a layered format in the same spot.

MOUNTAIN VANILLA: Alcohol based 5 ml and 60 ml only (and samples)

Inspired by the scent of budding spring in the meadows of the Appalachian mountains, Mountain Vanilla is a coumarin-heavy scent with vanilla and light green elements. The spring air smells strongly of coumarin, specifically the scent of wild sweet clover (the white flowers pictured), along with a cool morning dew and light green notes. It also carries a scent reminiscent of carrot flowers. Mountain Vanilla focuses heavily on coumarin rich notes such as sweet clover absolute, deerstongue and Bulgarian Lavender absolute (used lightly. This is not a lavender perfume) paired with vanillic Chinese Silk vine, vanilla, vanilla musk, poplar bud absolute, tonka and elderflower (elderflower smells like a heavenly nectar of fruit and Manuka honey. It's not particularly floral, more of a nectar scent). Top notes include a green accord of shiso leaf, fern, green clover and bluegrass along with a trace of cool morning dew clinging to the green shoots. The dry down features primarily vanilla and coumarin. It's a very sweet, creamy perfume with subtle green nuances. Mountain Vanilla is an alcohol based mixed media perfume.

VICTORIAN TEA ROOM:  Perfume oil, 60 ml Eau de Parfum, Burnishing Glace and Whipped Soap (and samples)

Not for pregnant or nursing women.

Victorian Tea Room is a bright fruity floral perfume featuring light palmarosa essential oil, kumquat-orange marmalade, Roman chamomile essential oil, rose accord (natural and synthetic mix), lemon and dry black tea on an Oriental base that has loads of vanillic amber. Palmarosa smells like a mix of a very light rose geranium (it contains geraniol) but much more watery and floral tea-like than rose geranium essential oil. This perfume does contain a touch of rose geranium EO as well.  It starts out with a bright floral and fruity zesty marmalade and a little chamomile tea. The dry black tea hovers just beneath with accents of lemon at the top. The dry down features a soft, sweet, linear amber Oriental.  Victorian Tea Room is comprised of many naturals and is also a floral and fruit dominated scents. As such, this perfume does not have the longevity of some of our darker base note heavy amber and incense blends. The scent is so pleasant, bright and uplifting that you will likely wish to reapply every few hours to fully enjoy this beauty.


Conjure Glace
Ghost Glace
Lavender Vanilla Glace
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SPRING RELEASE tonight at 7 pm EST!
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