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 News and restock updates for 3/28

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News and restock updates for 3/28 Empty
PostSubject: News and restock updates for 3/28   News and restock updates for 3/28 EmptyThu Mar 28, 2019 4:26 pm

News and restock updates for 3/28 Master10

Please see the list below this news update to review our restocks for today. The restocks include several "last call" perfumes. Quantity of the last call perfumes is very low, one to two bottles in some cases.

WINTER COLLECTION: We are starting to wind down production for our Winter Collection scents as we turn our focus toward spring. If there is anything you're interested in from the Winter Collection, consider purchasing within the next few weeks to a month for most scents. There are only a few bottles of Night Star remaining in inventory and we are completely out of samples of it at this time.

Our spring release will occur just about the 3rd week of April. We will be closing the shop completely from approximately May 9th until June 2nd (actual dates will be announced as we get closer). If there is anything on the site that you wish to purchase - including General Catalog perfumes, remaining fall, winter and Valentine's Collection perfumes - please consider doing so before the Spring Collection releases. As we turn our attention to seasonal collection production, General Catalog and previous seasonal collections that are still available will be pushed to the back burner and may go completely out of stock. This is something that is very prevalent during our fall and winter releases, as that is the busiest time of year for us. We cannot guarantee that a perfume you're interested in will be in stock at the spring launch. After the spring launch, we will be focused completely on shipping your orders and issuing shipping overcharge refunds. There might be one restock before we close on approximately May 9th, but we can't say for sure and we can't guarantee what all will be available if we do. We will endeavor to keep best sellers such as Manor, Rose Mallow Cream, Blackburn's Parlor, Nightgown and a few others in stock, or restocked as soon as possible from now until our shop closure. Between now and our Spring Collection release, we will be doing mini-restocks of perfumes that are presently out of stock or that may go out of stock over the next few weeks.

We are just trying to give fair warning about some perfumes going out of stock or being retired for the season well ahead of time since we will be closed for over 3 weeks. When we re-open, only the items that have been displaying on the site during our closure will be immediately available for purchase and ready to ship. We will start a restock of many things within the first week after we re-open in June. Full Summer Collection production will occur shortly thereafter and the Summer Collection would launch at approximately late July.

OTHER NEWS: I noticed some confusion recently between Edge of the Night and Heart of the Night. That latter is the one that contains chocolate and rose with a little of the Edge of the Night fragrance. There are several flankers to Edge of the Night, which is an amber chypre blend with a bit of musk, and Heart of the Night is one of those.

We are currently sold out of Orient Rose perfume oil in both samples and 5 mls. We just restocked the 2.5 ml EDP sample sprays and have a few 60 ml bottles in stock.


5ml Perfumes

Attic (Last Restock until Fall 2019)
Blackburn Farmstead (Last Restock until Fall 2019)
Corvin's Apple Fest
Corvin's Smoked Apple (Last Restock until Fall 2019)
Devil's Tongue (Last Restock until Fall 2019)
Foxcroft Fairgrounds
Gunnerson's Pumpkin Patch (Last Restock until Fall 2019)
Heart of the Night
Lavender Vanilla
Master Bedroom (Last restock until Fall 2019)
Minister (Last restock until Fall 2019)
Sacred Vow
Sea of Gray (Last restock until late Summer 2019)
Smokewood Apiary
Snowmint Mallow
Thornwood Thicket
Violet Mallow
Violet Truffle
Winter Dove
Wolf Spirit

60 ml Perfumes

Attic (Last Restock until Fall 2019)
Camp Willow
Conjure Dark
Devil's Tongue (Last Restock until Fall 2019)
Desert Thunderstorm
Estate Amber
Foxcroft (Last Restock until Fall 2019)
Foxcroft Intense (Last Restock until Fall 2019)
Gulf Breeze (Last Restock until late Summer 2019)
Gunnerson's Pumpkin Patch (Last Restock until Fall 2019)
Loggia (Last Restock until Fall 2019)
Master Bedroom (Last Restock until Fall 2019)
Midnight Marquee (Last Restock until Fall 2019)
Russian Caravan
Seance (Last Restock until Fall 2019)
Scrying Smoke
Sirocco (Last Restock until late Summer 2019)
Violet Mallow

2.5 ml EDP samples

Orient Rose

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News and restock updates for 3/28
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