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 Curefortheend's Welcome Contest Entry

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PostSubject: Curefortheend's Welcome Contest Entry   Curefortheend's Welcome Contest Entry EmptySun Sep 25, 2011 10:53 pm

Hi all!

I first found out about solstice scents from a YouTube Vlogger named Lershkat! ( i think i spelled that right lol) She is an amazing, energetic and passionate woman who really only supports the companies that she firmly believes in and admires the quality of. Since I have been following Kat for some time, I trusted her opinion of solstice Scents and made an order right away! I haven't looked back since!

I really admire Solstice's version of Spellbound Woods because unlike other etailers, Solstice version does not turn overly powdery. It remains edgy and mystery with a bit of a kick to it.

My all time favorite scent is Sinopia , as well as the Root Beer scent that was available in the Summer Time bath products!

My favorite product aside from the scents in general, are the Cream Soaps! I purchased a cream soap in root beer and placed it in the freezer. When i take it out to use it, you can literally smell the frosty drink exploding on the bath pouf! Its amazing!!!

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Curefortheend's Welcome Contest Entry
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