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 Liber Vix Contest Entry

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Liber Vix

Liber Vix

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PostSubject: Liber Vix Contest Entry   Liber Vix Contest Entry EmptyMon Sep 26, 2011 10:01 pm

I stumbled across Solstice Scents when reading reviews on blogs for Haus of Gloi. Somebody mentioned in passing that they had a SS order coming and they were really excited about it. It intrigued me so I looked SS up and was hooked right away!

At this particular moment in time Manor is my favorite scent, but that is subject to change depending on my mood or which way the wind is blowing. It seems like every day I get totally enamored with another scent, even the ones I didn't expect to like so much, like Thornwood Thicket. They kind of sneak up and grab you..they smell one way in the vial but evolve quite magically. I am very fond of the whipped soaps and am eager to try more scents, I've tried Wail of the Banshee. I am also eyeing the burnishing glaces and the scrubs. Ok, basically everything. lol!
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Liber Vix Contest Entry
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