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 Outpost, How I love thee!

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Outpost, How I love thee! Empty
PostSubject: Outpost, How I love thee!   Outpost, How I love thee! EmptyThu Dec 08, 2011 3:54 am

Miss Angela... you've out done yourself again!

I am in serious Luv with everything I was sent! My order contained the following:

Body Ganache in Outpost
Fragrance Samples in Black Leather, Red Lace* (the one I asked for), Flintlock*, and Outpost*.

I cannot express in words, seriously, how much I love the way the Body Ganache feels on the back of my hand, how it smells on my skin... and how wonderfully perfumed it is! Even my father mentioned that he liked the scent just after I opened the jar. I hadn't even put any on yet!

On Cold Sniff...

Outpost brings to mind cold tree branches, Shops festively decorated for the Yule (There's one in NH called The Christmas Dove... this reminds me of it) and something wonderfully sweet!

Black Leather, Red Lace definately smelled like a black leather jacket and vanilla perfume (Like a Biker and his Babe)

Flintlock was sharp, almost medicinal (In a good way... Like Halls) at first, but then I realized that a lot of this scent was kind of like getting that blast of sub-zero artic wind right in your face as you desperately try to breathe.

After Application...

Outpost, Mi Amour! How soft and warm you smell after cozying up to my skin! I now get the bayberry, mistletoe, the soft woods (Sandalwood I love you )... the Amber note is just Gorgeous!

Black Leather, Red Lace... I've got 2 words for how sexy this smells: Jessica Rabbit. End of story! The Leather has retreated to the background and the Amber and Vanilla notes are working side by side in glorious unison!

Flintlock has got to be my 'Suprise like' for the order! The wood smoke and the Woods... it reminds me of a campfire... in the middle of nowhere... and the fresh cut wood for the fuel. It's masculine, but gorgeously so!

Now, I've just got to pry my arm away from my nose!

(*= Please note, sample vials were the freebies for ordering! Wink )
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Outpost, How I love thee!
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