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 Flintlock, Outpost, Snowshoe Pass, and Bayberry

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Flintlock, Outpost, Snowshoe Pass, and Bayberry Empty
PostSubject: Flintlock, Outpost, Snowshoe Pass, and Bayberry   Flintlock, Outpost, Snowshoe Pass, and Bayberry EmptyFri Dec 09, 2011 8:26 pm

My Solstice Scents winter order consisted of the following:

Bayberry glycerine soap
Snowshoe Pass whipped soap
Outpost whipped soap
Flintlock perfume sample

I have a bit of a cold, and I am somewhat challenged at determining individual notes at even the best of times. So they may not be very sophisticated, but here are my impressions:

Bayberry, to me, smells slightly woody, slightly spicy, and a little sweet. Unfortunately, I had some kind of reaction to this (guessing it's the spicy notes), but the bathroom smells lovely after my partner uses it in the shower!

Flintlock: At first, this smelled really heavy and pronounced to me. I think it was the leather note, maybe? Now, it smells like a slightly clean/soapy version of a high-end men's aftershave to me. I like it Smile

Outpost: smells slightly floral, with a whiff of mint, and something else I can't identify.

Snowshoe Pass: I definitely get a "cool" scent from this (and I'm from a place where it regularly gets to 30 below Farenheit in the winter, so I know what cool smells like!), and the vanilla. There's something else, though...

Frankly, all of the scents have a "something else" smell I can't quite place, but it reminds me of wandering around a high-end European department store (Harrod's, maybe) in the fragrance section during my travels when I was studying abroad....

I am thinking that I maybe need perfume samples of Outpost and Snowshoe pass just to see if they smell any different. Or maybe just full-size perfumes Smile

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Flintlock, Outpost, Snowshoe Pass, and Bayberry
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