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 Winter Collection Amazingness

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PostSubject: Winter Collection Amazingness   Winter Collection Amazingness EmptyFri Dec 09, 2011 9:48 pm

Hi everyone!

Here are the winter scents I've tried so far:

Dark Ginger Spicecake Whipped Soap (Gingerbread Cookies crash into a dark earthy corruption of Patchouli and Vetiver Essential Oil and a dark Woodsy Musk): The patchouli, vetiver, and musk *really* temper the sweetness of the gingerbread cookie note. It's actually a very light scent in the container, and when in use, I primarily smell the vetiver, then the patchouli, and then there's a teeny-tiny amount of gingerbread cookie lingering in the background. I was intrigued by this foody/woodsy combo when the Winter Collection was released, but it doesn't really work for me. Angela also generously included a perfume sample in this same scent, and I do like this more than the whipped soap; I'm actually able to smell the lovely gingerbread note. But, it's definitely not my fave SS scent.

Cedar & Siberian Fir Bath Salts (The intoxicating smell of woodsy cedar meets piney Siberian Fir Essential Oil to create an absolutely wonderful soak reminiscent of a forest): Wow, are these strongly-scented! (But, I guess, I shouldn't be surprised, right?) This scent, obviously, smells like a coniferous forest. And it's so *realistic*, I love it. I hope the scent is just as strong in the bath. I can imagine these being amazing to use if you're feeling a little under the weather.

Black Christmas soap (Bayberry, Spruce, Cedar and Clove Infused with Coal): Such a beautiful soap; I love the black color, with the red glitter on top! I think this will be wonderful when paired with the Cedar & Siberian Fir salts. It smells very similar to LUSH's Greenwash soap from a few years ago. I don't detect a clove note right now, but perhaps that will come out in use. Lovely!

Night Star perfume (Nutmeg, Patchouli, Frankincense, Myrrh, Woods and Lemon): Gorgeous scent when first applied on my skin, but a bit boring as it dries. When I first read the scent description, I thought it was an interesting hodge-podge of notes (i mean, nutmeg + patchouli + lemon = WHAT? ), but it works! Upon application, I smell Christmas trees and and a tiny bit of spiciness with the lemon in the background. As it dries, the patchouli comes out, and the Christmas tree scent disappears. It ends up being almost a straight-up patchouli scent on my skin after about 20 minutes. I wish my skin held on to the other notes a bit longer!

Roasted Chestnuts & Marshmallow perfume (The scent is soft, nutty golden roasted chestnuts and a very faint wisp of sweet spice coupled with creamy fluffy marshmallows): FAO FOODIES! Good lord, this is sweet. It really reminds me of Cocoa Pink's Perfect Pumpkin Marshmallow scent. Starts out very sweet and spicy, but the drydown is pretty nice; very comforting, winter-y scent. For some reason, I don't detect a chestnut fragrance. I think I would like this scent better in a home fragrance oil or wash-off product, than in a leave-on product. At any rate, I think foodies need to at least get a sample of this one.

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Winter Collection Amazingness
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