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 A few Spring scents

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A few Spring scents Empty
PostSubject: A few Spring scents   A few Spring scents EmptyThu May 03, 2012 2:57 pm

I ordered samples of three of the spring scents: one new, and two that had been offered before.

The new scent was Chiffon. This smells almost exactly like Angela's description. It's an extremely well-blended lemony vanilla cream that fades into straight vanilla with a whipped cream/marshmallow note. People that love gourmand scents will love this, I think - it's not overly foody but it smells delicious. I tend not to be a gourmand scent person, but I've worn this two days in a row - it's great. And like many of Angela's scents, Chiffon lasts all day on my skin - still going strong after 8 hours of a long hot day.

Garden Gate was the first of the older scents that I tried. This *really* smells like lilacs. It has a slight green note, but I think that just amplifies the lilac smell. Unfortunately, this, like most florals, turns a bit metallic on my skin, but if you love lilacs, this is a very well-blended, realistic scent that you should try.

I also tried Dellamorte, which, to me, smells like Claire Burke original potpourri used to smell before they changed the formula. It's a lovely, spicy, oakmossy scent - and, again, it's very well-blended.

The only thing I regret about my Spring order is that I didn't order ALL the new scents!

P.S. Edited to add that customer service on this order was amazing! I ordered on Friday evening and received my order around noon on Monday (!!!)
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A few Spring scents
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