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 Sweet spring scents

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PostSubject: Sweet spring scents   Sweet spring scents EmptyTue May 15, 2012 6:32 pm

To put it simply, my first purchase from Solstice Scents was a successful one.

After reading reviews online and discussing favorite bath and body companies with some friends, I decided to set aside enough money to purchase the following:

Banana Nut Bread Whipped Soap (The booze and banana both clamored from my attention at first whiff, which surprised me. I hadn't expected the booziness to be so overwhelming. I decanted enough for 2 washes and it performed okay. I was still struggling with the smell at that point. The scent of a product can sometimes affect my judgment of the actual formula. I sniffed it again this week and the booziness seems to have died down a bit, or at least the scents continued to blend to a point where I might like the scent now. I'll definitely try it a few more times before deciding whether I should give it to a friend. I'll try the whipped soap in another scent and see if it ranks in the top few whipped soaps I've tried.

It was a toss-up between Dellamorte and Spirit Tree, but the reviews of Dellamorte convinced me to give that scent a try. I grabbed a perfume sample and tried it once. I wasn't in love with it, but my husband thought it was nice so I'll try it a few more times. I have to compare it against the other samples I bought.

I bought the Cenobite whipped soap (very boozy in the jar but I haven't used it in the shower yet) and the Lace Draped Spectre Body Ganache. I like the formula of the ganache and will definitely try it out in a summer scent when those come out.

Even with all those okay items, I'm glad I sprang for the spring release because I tried Chantilly Cream and Chiffon, both in sample perfume vials. Chantilly Cream's peach note stayed nice and sweet on me and I considered buying a roll-on, or at least a glace. I think I'll pass on that but maybe get another perfume sample because while it's very nice, I can't buy 20 of every product I like. For me, Chiffon was the superior scent and well worth another buy. Sorry, Chantilly Cream. Maybe I'll change my mind and pick up some more of you too.

Chiffon's lemon combined beautifully with the vanilla and the mix was tempered by white amber and white musk. It was sweet but not cloying, which Chantilly Cream veered closer to. It is a scent I would wear all year, but especially in the next few months. It's great for work (again, not overly sweet), and sweet/sexy enough for date night. My husband loves it but I love it more. It is my new go-to scent for every occasion, which makes Solstice Scents worth quite a few more online trips in the future.

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Sweet spring scents
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