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 GP's Spring Perfume Reviews!

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GP's Spring Perfume Reviews! Empty
PostSubject: GP's Spring Perfume Reviews!   GP's Spring Perfume Reviews! EmptySat May 05, 2012 10:08 pm

I recently got my spring order! So many unique scents in this collection; I had a good time testing out all of these beauties! Here are some initial reviews...

Courtyard: This one smells like lavender and antique wood furniture to me. This scent takes me back to a museum I visited, where it was someone's home that had been turned into a museum (maybe the Hermitage in Nashville, I'm not sure). So, it's a familiar scent, but not one I would like to smell like.

Cascade of Gold: I'm still not sure about this one. Upon application, it smells a bit too floral to my nose, but on drydown, it emits a nice amount of sweetness. It's difficult for me to describe this scent, since I don't really know what I'm smelling. Laughing I think I'm going to have to wear this a few more times to get a good enough impression of whether this should be a bottle purchase. I wish I could smell more champa in it.

Vanilla Pipe Tobacco: HEY THERE, HANDSOME. This one rocks. Smells exactly like vanilla pipe tobacco, and I'm definitely getting a bottle of it. I absolutely love the vanilla note - so sweet, creamy and perfect. Not a lot of throw, but I will not mind reapplying throughout the day.

Chantilly Cream: Upon application, it's a little too sweet for my taste - kind of like sugary, peach candy. On drydown, it smells much better, since the whipped cream note becomes more pronounced. But, it's still not a bottle purchase for me. This one will be great for fruity scent lovers, though!

Chiffon: This one is a very nice lemon scent! And it's so nice to find a lemon fragrance that 1. doesn't smell like Pledge, and 2. has staying power. Starts out as very zesty lemon, and dries down to a beautifully blended lemon musk with a bit of creaminess in the background. I may purchase a bottle of this when I'm done with my imp.

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GP's Spring Perfume Reviews!
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