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 Solstice Updates: Summer Collection, packaging, new labels, possibly endangered scents, new EDP

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Solstice Updates: Summer Collection, packaging, new labels, possibly endangered scents, new EDP Empty
PostSubject: Solstice Updates: Summer Collection, packaging, new labels, possibly endangered scents, new EDP   Solstice Updates: Summer Collection, packaging, new labels, possibly endangered scents, new EDP EmptyMon Jul 04, 2016 7:44 pm

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS and answers to some recent FAQs:

1. If you are in our community group, you may have noticed that High Desert and Desert Thunderstorm are currently endangered. I have been having trouble sourcing one of the key components for these blends but I have samples from two other vendors coming in next week to evaluate. The last sample did not meet my standards so I'm still searching.  I will NOT be releasing final batches of these perfumes unless I have no further alternative so these two are on a temporary moratorium until further notice. This component is also part of High Noon and Sirocco, which means these may be in trouble as well. It is also in our spring perfume Chrysalis (only a little of this left; it will be restocked soon) and two of our summer perfumes: Hand of Darkness and Coquina.

2. Coquina and Hand of Darkness Summer perfumes: due to the info in #1, Hand of Darkness will likely not be returning this summer since it is too soon for me to know if I can source the component and we plan to have summer released in the next few weeks. For Coquina, I do have a bit of concentrate available to make some perfume. I'm not sure if it will be the last ever batch of Coquina or if I'll be able to make more. I should know more in a few weeks but as it stands now, we only plan to release what we have on hand and it may or may not be restocked again and may or may not be reformulated in the future.

3. We posted a teaser yesterday to showcase our new labels for our 5 ml roll ons, which will be replacing our current labels. This change will take place in the next few weeks along with the summer release (date TBA). As a result, we are not actively restocking many of our roll ons right now because we are so close to changing the labels.  

4. Another upcoming change affects our EDP sample sprayers. We have sourced a higher quality sprayer that will be replacing our current 3.3 ml EDP sprayers. This new sprayer is 2.5 ml and has a very high quality mister with a satisfying pump that distributes a great amount of perfume when you mist it. It has more projection and is a much nicer product. Due to the decrease in size, there will be a slight decrease in the cost of our EDP samples. It will be nominal as these new sprayers are a much higher cost than the ones we have been using but it will be slightly less. Therefore, we are not currently restocking any EDP samples for a few weeks and what we have available on the site is it for now, if you'd like to pick anything up or want the 3.3 ml size for your collection while it is still here.

5. EDPs and International shipping: In a few weeks, the Rhinestone Housewife will be carrying many of our EDPs and 5 ml roll ons for customers worldwide. This means that our 60 mls will become available for the first time to our International customers and that domestic customers will also be able to purchase from her site at Look for them on Facebook as well.

6. The summer release is to be announced but currently contains returning perfumes in Tropical Moon, Coquina (see #2), Sun-Warmed Honey and Heat of the Night. Heat of the Night is moving to summer only and will no longer be available year round. We will also be releasing our new EDP, Estate Rosewood, mentioned a few days ago on Facebook business page, our Instagram @solsticescents and our private Facebook community group. Estate Rosewood will be available in 2.5 ml sample sprayers and 60 ml full size bottles. It is an EDP only as it contains ingredients only soluble in alcohol.  The summer release is small this year as we continue to update our branding. We are re-photographing our entire catalog since we changed from 10 ml bottles to 5 ml bottles and since we're also changing the labels so that each perfume has it's own unique label (like our 60 ml EDPs currently have). The catalog is so large and with some of our elaborate set designs, this is a time consuming project. We hope to be nearly done in September and release the fall collection in late September or early October.  Fall and Winter are our most popular releases and therefore we have sacrificed spring and summer this year and kept them more manageable so we can handle some of these back end tasks. We're looking forward to completing these things and getting back in the grove of offering more new scents and rest assured, there have been plenty of new scents being worked on for well over a year. Things are coming. Smile Other perfumes and EDPs will also be restocked toward the end of the month.

7. Bath and Body Products: We frequently get asked about when they'll be back. We are focusing on perfumery and intend to go solely toward only offering perfumes and Glaces. This may occur sometime in 2017. We will likely have some bath and body products available again for fall and winter in limited quantities. After this time, they may appear sporadically as time allows but they will no longer be a staple seasonal offering.
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Solstice Updates: Summer Collection, packaging, new labels, possibly endangered scents, new EDP
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