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 RUNESTONE (General Catalog 2016)

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PostSubject: RUNESTONE (General Catalog 2016)   RUNESTONE (General Catalog 2016) EmptyTue Dec 06, 2016 5:32 pm

Natural Earthy Forest Blend With Aged Patchouli, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Cedar, Violet Leaf, Dirt, Leaves, Cypress, Spruce


Runestone is dark, wet, mossy crumbling stone and tons of earthy dirt and leaves. It smells like long forgotten ruins, very deep and earthy and quite different from our other outdoors/forest scents. This perfume is comprised solely from essential  oils and absolutes blended in organic cane sugar alcohol. The notes include aged patchouli, dirt, oakmoss, cedar, muhuhu, violet leaf absolute, leaves, vetiver, sandalwood, cypress, spruce, pine and very faint hints of lavender absolute, rosewood, rosemary, hinoki, spikenard and more. It's dirty, mossy, woody, atmospheric, contemplative, earthy and soothing. This is a patchouli-heavy blend. Runestone is the perfume interpretation of bath salts offered in the fall known as Crumbling Crypt, which was meant to capture the essence of a weathered crumbling tomb so the perfume has a moody dismal element to it.  

RUNESTONE (General Catalog 2016) Runest11
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PostSubject: Re: RUNESTONE (General Catalog 2016)   RUNESTONE (General Catalog 2016) EmptyTue Jan 03, 2017 2:31 pm

This blend is another bit of magic. I can pick out a lot of the listed notes if I try, but it all melds together into a fragrance that makes me smell like I've just gone crashing through an evergreen forest and I'm now covered in earth, sticky-sweet sap, evergreen branches, and sprigs of lavender and sweet violet.
It starts off very much about the earthy patchouli, natural cedar, and sappy, green cypress/spruce, and dries down to a lot of sweet, cool, airy lavender and sweet violet with dry, earthy oakmoss and earthy patchouli.
It makes me feel like I've been hiking through a forest and came out on the other side and put on some real lavender oil. The lavender absolute is actually quite strong on my skin, and it's so lovely.
Runestone is the sort of fragrance you'd expect to smell on someone who loves all natural blends and fancies themselves a modern-day-hippie. It's wonderful.
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PostSubject: Re: RUNESTONE (General Catalog 2016)   RUNESTONE (General Catalog 2016) EmptyFri Mar 10, 2017 9:31 pm

Damp earth uncovered by lifting a stone, among coniferous trees—pine or spruce or fir or similar. There’s something pleasantly numbing-fresh in there, in the style of eucalyptus or mint. I get a good deal of patchouli in the earth accord, and that plus the pine mix makes it feel like an old-school men’s scent (Polo, etc.) as it settles. A dark green forest, with some sophistication. Musty and yummy at the same time (I mean that in a good way!). Subtler than many of the SS; doesn’t throw as far. Some of the same herbal-mystical feel as Seance, but far more patchouli-heavy. Which luckily is something I like!
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RUNESTONE (General Catalog 2016)
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