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 SOLSTICE SCENTS NEWS 5/1/2019: Restock info, shop closure & international 60 ml EDP shipping

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SOLSTICE SCENTS NEWS 5/1/2019: Restock info, shop closure & international 60 ml EDP shipping Empty
PostSubject: SOLSTICE SCENTS NEWS 5/1/2019: Restock info, shop closure & international 60 ml EDP shipping   SOLSTICE SCENTS NEWS 5/1/2019: Restock info, shop closure & international 60 ml EDP shipping EmptyWed May 01, 2019 5:31 pm

SOLSTICE NEWS (Also, international customers will want to read this for 60 ml EDP news):

As of today, we are back to same day or next day shipping.

RESTOCK INFO/shop closure:
We will not be able to do a restock before we close on May 8th at 3 p.m. EST. We WILL restock Estate Lavender sometime after we reopen. Select Whipped Soaps may also be restocked but I'm not sure if that will occur before we do our summer release in July. Fortunately, many of these spring Whipped Soaps are very suitable for summer as well, so it won't feel out of season in my opinion. We will reopen June 2nd at 8 a.m. EST.

Over the past few weeks, I have received so many requests for Orient Rose oil and EDP. Orient Rose is supposed to be a V-day scent only but we've decided to release a small batch sometime after we reopen instead of waiting to bring it back until next year. The demand seems to be there so we will make it available for you. Smile

STOCKIST UPDATES: Spring perfumes and select General Catalog restocks are on the way to Pretty Indulgent in Canada. Please keep Pretty Indulgent and Femme Fatale Australia in mind for your Solstice needs while we are closed (and in general. When you're looking for something that we do not have in stock, be sure to check these retailers! For instance, someone recently asked me for Badlands and Attic and these vendors had them available). If you're in or near Ann Arbor, MI you can find us at the brick and mortar shop Vosenna. This place is so awesome as they carry only indie and niche cosmetics, body care, perfume, etc. Think of Vosenna as an Ulta or Sephora but for indie brands.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING/EDP SHIPPING: We are in the final stages of an account approval with DHL. There is just one more hoop to clear and we will be able to ship the 60 ml EDPs internationally. This has been a long process but we have gone through everything DHL requires and it seems to be enough of a "sure thing" that we are going ahead to let you all know that we should finally have a solution. Once the final stage is cleared, we will be able to integrate DHL into our shopping cart.

We hope to have international shipping for the 60 ml EDPs shortly after we re-open in June. The shipping cost is not cheap and I have heard that you will definitely have to pay customs fees (whereas with USPS many countries are lenient up to a certain level on those collections). Though DHL will be more expensive than USPS, they are extremely fast. It's basically 1 day to Canada and just a few days to anywhere else in the world. Packages are fully trackable with full accountability. There is a DHL agent at all the customs offices and they make sure you get your package. If there are any problems, we have an account rep who contacts us directly. DHL will be an available option for all international customers should you wish to use DHL for non-EDP orders as well. You may decide that the difference in pricing from USPS to ensure that your order arrives safely within just a couple of days is worth it to you.

I don't yet have an example of shipping cost as our rep gave us pricing estimates based on a higher tier than where we will be at so we are awaiting to hear how the pricing will change for our tier. The shipping cost will likely make more sense for you when you are purchasing several items or several EDPs rather than one EDP. The rates should be significantly less than UPS and FedEx, which is just one reason we selected to work with DHL.

We will keep you posted as we have more information. Please spread the word that we are on the cusp of finally having a solution to ship EDPs internationally!
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SOLSTICE SCENTS NEWS 5/1/2019: Restock info, shop closure & international 60 ml EDP shipping
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