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 Winter Order, was my first SS order as well!

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Winter Order, was my first SS order as well! Empty
PostSubject: Winter Order, was my first SS order as well!   Winter Order, was my first SS order as well! EmptySat Dec 10, 2011 11:57 am

As this was my first foray into SS, I ordered samples.

Packaging was fabulous! For those that have ordered before, you know this but I was blown away by the attention to detail!

Snowshoe Pass - If I could only wear one scent, this would be it. I can't stop sniffing myself when I wear it. I have never worn anything that had that effect on me! And it lasts forever - put it on in the morning & I can still smell it on my wrists that night! I'm new to the world of perfume oils so descriptions are not my strong suit. There are multiple wonderful, evocative write ups on this scent on this forum already. It is my favorite as well as my husband's favorite on me!
Flintlock - 2nd favorite on my husband. Haven't been brave enough to try this one on myself yet.
Outpost - I like this on me but I really like it on my husband! He was a little reluctant to try but once he did he was sold!
Russian Caravan - This was a long shot for me. I wasn't expecting it to be 'my cup of tea'. How wrong I was! For me RC is a comfort scent. Rough day? This is really nice to apply in the evening. A very cozy scent on me - pair with a big, comfy sweater.
Dark Ginger Spicecake - I am not a big fan of foodie scents as perfume but thought that this might have enough depth with the patchouli, vetiver & musk. It does not dissapoint. I think this will be great on my husband, too.
Gingerbread & Vanilla Cream - A nice scent but not my favorite. May try layering this one. I don't recall if this was available as a home fragrance oil or not but I would love to have my house smell like this!

I'm amazed at how very wearable each scent is. Now comes the hard part - what scents do I want in what format? Looking forward especially to trying something in a glace! I am hooked! I am so glad that SS was mentioned on another forum that I frequent!
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Winter Order, was my first SS order as well!
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