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 Just a general update (FAQ, Rewards Points, T & C, etc)

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Just a general update (FAQ, Rewards Points, T & C, etc) Empty
PostSubject: Just a general update (FAQ, Rewards Points, T & C, etc)   Just a general update (FAQ, Rewards Points, T & C, etc) EmptyThu Apr 12, 2012 10:29 pm

This is cross posted from Facebook:

We added the FAQ to the menu at the top of our site. It and the Terms & Conditions are located at the footer but I think a lot of people miss them there. SO FAQ is at the top. People ask all the time how to redeem the REWARDS POINTS. The answer to that, our shipping policy, troubleshooting and more is in the FAQ. Please take a gander, especially if you are a new customer, so you can be familiar with our shipping policy. We always choose the cheapest shipping method for you (regardless of what you selected) so if you WANT Priority Mail, please make sure to specify that in the comments at checkout. A lot of people don't verify their shipping costs when they land back on our site after going to paypal and for some reason shipping reverts back to a more expensive option. That is why we made that policy. Please check your shipping and everything is correct when you come back to our site from PayPal and make sure to finalize your order on our checkout page after that.

Also, we do NOT replace lost or stolen orders. Once the package leaves our hands we cannot control what USPS does. If you want to add insurance to your order, you need to specify this in comments and we will invoice you for it. How that works for International orders is all on the FAQ page so read all of this stuff there as it is very extensive. We've had *very few* orders ever go missing though. HOWEVER, when you get a shipping notice, track your package, especially if you live in an apartment or dorm (that makes up 75% of the few orders that ever have been lost/misdelivered)!!! Our orders arrive domestically in a matter of a few days. If your package has not arrived, go to the FAQ and read "I DID NOT RECEIVE MY ORDER. WILL YOU RESHIP OR REFUND ME? " There are valuable tips about how to handle that and it applies to any company you buy from.

Also, make sure to see our disclaimer page and the disclaimers in the listings! If we are aware of any issues (oils that are not safe for pregnant/nursing women and that our whipped soap contains iodine so those with a iodine/shellfish allergy could be allergic) we disclose that on the listing itself and the disclaimer page has some useful info.

I'm just providing this information as a general update since our amount of customers is growing and we've been fortunate enough to have many new customers try our shop recently. I know that reading the FAQ and T & C and disclaimers and even all of a listing can be boring but we tried to make it comprehensive and there's a lot of information that can answer questions you may have for us. Thanks everyone!
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Just a general update (FAQ, Rewards Points, T & C, etc)
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