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 <3 Spring Collection reviews <3

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<3 Spring Collection reviews <3 Empty
PostSubject: <3 Spring Collection reviews <3   <3 Spring Collection reviews <3 EmptyWed May 16, 2012 1:14 pm

This is my favourite collection so far, the sweet birds nest and flowers <3 everything looks and smells lovely I love you

Chiffon Perfume and Glace- smells like lemon pez candies to me very tart and sweet, I don't get much of the musk or amber on cold sniff or initial application, after about 15 minutes they come out but the lemon is still present, this is wonderful!

Chantilly Cream- completely agree that this smells like peach ice cream, after about an hour it has faded quite a bit but I still smell a very sweet vanilla, this would be amazing in a ganache too Wink

Vanilla Pipe Tobacco- I smell the vanilla on cold sniff but after the first few minutes on it is mostly a sweet tobacco scent on me, very unisex, I think I will pass this one on to the boyfriend, only because I am a foody monster

Garden Gate- Smells incredibly true to the flowers, mostly lilac, a little strong at first but fades to a nice creamy floral just like Angela says, very wearable flower

Courtyard- This smells all lavender and sandalwood on me at first, strongly woodsy, after a few minutes the coriander comes through and I like it much more

Dellamorte- I have to admit on cold sniff and initial application I did not like this one, but now (5 min later) it smells wonderful, all of the scents are balanced so well it is spicy, woodsy, and sweet (buying a full size perfume!)

Banana Nut Bread Whipped Soap- this is amazing, I want to use nothing else every again. It smells exactly like it should nutty, sweet, fruity, I did not get the boozy vanilla scent just a bit of fresh bananas and cream Very Happy

Apple Mallow Scrub- Have not used this yet but it smells like sweet green apples, I hope the marshmallow comes out in the shower <3

Sample of Lace Draped Spectre- (Not spring I know and the last thing I am reviewing, promise)- this is smells fantastic I already have a full size I still smell spicy carnation and green pepper hours later! So interesting and sexy cheers
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<3 Spring Collection reviews <3
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