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 HIGH NOON (General Catalog)

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PostSubject: HIGH NOON (General Catalog)   HIGH NOON (General Catalog) EmptyWed Jul 17, 2013 2:34 pm

Worn Holster Leather, Tobacco, Whiskey, Woods, Sand, Gun-Smoke, Musk & Soft Ladies' Perfume


Offered as part of the Summer 2013 collection in Perfume and Glace

Be it for revenge or love, there is only one way to settle the score.  High Noon features all of the atmosphere of a showdown in the Old West.  Upon cold sniff and initial application, you will walk through the saloon doors and be greeted with the scent of smooth oak-aged whiskey, tobacco leaf, worn leather and a desert-warmed wood-paneled saloon.  As High Noon settles on the skin, it is rich and warm with the whiskey note adding sophistication and enhancing the tobacco, leather and woods in a very alluring way.  Shortly thereafter, you will begin to notice the smooth whiskey retreat as a sheen of light skin musk emerges.  The scent of a spicy-chypre perfumed bodice sensuously and delicately wafts in with dry hay notes blossoming just beyond.  A sun-baked Earth and touch of gun-smoke start to gently weave in through the other notes.  The resulting dry down features warm dry woods, worn brown leather, tobacco, a soft blend of skin and red musks, hot sand and a touch of spice and golden amber.  An incredibly layered blend with deep character and an intoxicating scent.  Cold sniff and initial application leans much more masculine but the scent evolves quickly through each stage described above, the whiskey note present on cold sniff is tamed early on and the dry down will be enjoyed by women who like a warm woody-leather-tobacco dominant blend with lots of atmosphere.  The addition of the exquisitely perfumed ladies' bodices keeps this scent from falling into a dank overtly masculine fragrance category.  Unisex.

High Noon features a blend of leather, tobacco, amber, red musk, skin musk, agar wood, sandalwood and chypre enhanced with the following essential oils and absolutes: tobacco, hay, buddha wood, labdanum, rooiboos, kapur kachari, aged patchouli and mitti attar.

HIGH NOON (General Catalog) Highno10

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PostSubject: High Noon Review   HIGH NOON (General Catalog) EmptyTue Sep 24, 2013 6:18 pm

High Noon perfume oil is amazing. I knew it would be after reading what the blend was going to be. The dry down on me is more musky which is cool since I like musk scents with my body chemistry. Angela said this had the same "feel" as Flintlock (which I absolutely LOVE) and she's completely right on that. The High Noon glace is different on me than the perfume oil. The perfume oil on me has more of the kick to it while the glace seems more vanilla-y(?) even though there's not vanilla in it. The perfume has more of the "kick" to it.
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PostSubject: Re: HIGH NOON (General Catalog)   HIGH NOON (General Catalog) EmptyWed Oct 02, 2013 12:59 pm

High Noon is mostly a clean, metallic, slightly powdery skin musk type of scent on me. I get hints of dry leather after about an hour of wear and a bit of an ashy smokiness that makes me think of ash trays.. but it's mostly a clean, metallic, perfumey musk.
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PostSubject: Re: HIGH NOON (General Catalog)   HIGH NOON (General Catalog) EmptyMon Oct 07, 2013 1:25 am

I forgot about my High Noon sample until late September, and tried it on in anticipation to writing this short review. In the vial High Noon smells interesting - spicy with a boozy undertone, not too musky or overwhelmingly heavy. On the skin I think High Noon smells pretty sensual in a unisex way - I'm a woman, but I can see this smelling intriguing on a man as well. Quite alluring and boldly sensual- I love the way the many notes are blended together. I'm glad I pulled this one out - this was definitely my favorite of the summer collection!
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PostSubject: Re: HIGH NOON (General Catalog)   HIGH NOON (General Catalog) EmptyFri Nov 29, 2013 11:41 pm

I just got my box in today and this was one I was definitely looking forward to!!

High Noon in the bottle - to me just taking a whiff of the bottle itself after shaking and moving the roller ball it's smells of wet cedar trees, with a backing of cigar tobacco - to me it's like walking into a humidifier with wooden boxes and cigars, really warm, aged but with that crisp edge of spice.

Wet on my skin - still sporting the cedar trees, the tobacco though isn't there, but it's picked up a kind of spicy tang, and I can catch a hint of powder - something more soft and delicate.

Dryed down and settled- to me this smells not so much of a saloon but of an olde time barber shop! It's got the slight tinge of metal, still the cedar wood but it's mellowed out, a soft hint of tobaccos & leather, almost a classic men's aftershave hidden in there, and this soft powdery soap smell Very Happy so it's definitely a barber shop with someone sharpening blades on A leather strip, warm old woods, a few men smoking outside, and someone getting powdered down after a nice shave! Just missing the quartet, candy striped pole, and hot face towels! Very Happy

So all in all a really beautiful smell that I think works easily for men and women who like a nice neutral woodsy-soapy-warm smell!
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PostSubject: Re: HIGH NOON (General Catalog)   HIGH NOON (General Catalog) EmptySat Feb 22, 2014 3:09 am

The description by Angela is (as per usual) informative and accurate. It is a hot, dry afternoon that I am testing this perfume - one I hope is perfectly matched to the creative spirit in this scents inception.

My first thoughts are that it is a surprisingly warm, sweet and rich fragrance, with a surprising note of musk and cedar opening. The musk very quickly recedes, leaving the cedar wood and and a subtle tobacco. I agree with K2color that at this stage I too pick up a sharper astringent note that I am finding difficult to describe. Different reviewers describe it as 'metallic' or 'tang' and Angela herself describes it as 'gun smoke'. Whatever makes this accord works well and provides an edge to what might otherwise be a much softer and conservative work. While the Cedar and Tobacco might suggest a masculine scent, the musks and patchouli balance out and make this a suitable for both sexes, though still in my opinion edgily masculine. Don't forget that musks have also been widely used in men's fragrances for the last century. Another excellent piece of work.
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PostSubject: Re: HIGH NOON (General Catalog)   HIGH NOON (General Catalog) EmptyThu Apr 17, 2014 2:48 pm

I never knew there was this whole description of the scent and I just posted my review on my ScentBase, not looking twice. I just realized today that my thought on this was exactly the same as Angela's.

It is rather difficult to discern every single note clearly, but the smell of it really does take you back to the Wild West time and you can certainly imagine some dude with his leather boots kicking the sand around, with a cigarette in his mouth, entering a saloon, all woods are just freshly polished, for a shot of whiskey or two and all of sudden being taunted into a duel.
Then he pulls his gun from the leather holster and shoots at his opponent, and the smell of metal, gunpowder and smoke. And all the lassies cheering and flirtatious and rub themselves to this dude so hot that the perfumes they were wearing rub off on him.

To me the opening was quite prominent on the brown leather and polished rosewood with a hint of tobacco and dry desert sand and even fainter whiskey note. It keeps that way with musk and floral wafting in and out and settling down slowly. Love it!

It's been almost 8 full hours and it's still wafting on me. There's still a faint (well, compared to the opening) smell of it on my wrists, which are usually prone to scent-less being rubbed all day to my jacket sleeves and office desk. The silage was great for perfume oil.

This is quite a masterpiece. FB-worthy. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: HIGH NOON (General Catalog)   HIGH NOON (General Catalog) EmptySun Sep 07, 2014 7:59 pm

The leather's quite nice here and evokes for me soft doeskin vs. sharp tanning chemicals. It also somehow manages to convey the dry air of the desert. It's probably one of the most wearable of the masculine fragrances for me.
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PostSubject: Re: HIGH NOON (General Catalog)   HIGH NOON (General Catalog) EmptySat Dec 01, 2018 7:10 pm

Have you ever played the game 'Bang!'? It's a role-playing card game with a western outlaw theme. That is what I imagine everytime I wear this. Well, that and one other thing.

The other thing is the desert out in Borrego Springs. It has rusty sculptures in the designs of dinosaurs, dragons, and horse-beasts. They are made by Ricardo Breceda. In fact, HN reminds me so strongly of this that this scent could have been called Rusty Desert Sculptures. I really like the name High Noon, too.

I get a metallic, wet desert sand vibe from this. I can almost hear the clang from something solid striking metal. It is one of the more interestingly unusual fragrances I've smelt, and I quite like it. I feel a "woah, I'm small in the middle of this big desert, aren't I?" sensation. HN also smells "empty" or "alone" to me, like if you were out in a wild west ghost town by yourself. No sign of tumbleweeds though.

I don't really get booziness, though to be honest I often don't smell booze in fragrances that say they are boozy. I know what ethanol smells like, and I've had my nose around bottles of rum, tequila, mezcal, cachaca, ouzo, whiskey, scotch, and some bright blue alcohol that smells like oranges. When I smell those, my nose wrinkles and my head does an involuntary shake, so those smells are distinct to me. I guess the booze in this could be more subtle or something I've never experienced. You never can rule that out.

I also don't get much leather, particularly with respect to the house leather that Solstice Scents includes in Gibbon's Boarding School, Devil's Tongue, Black Leather Red Lace, and Library. I am glad I don't get that, because I don't really like it. I've never smelled up close a gun holster for a six-shooter, though.

I do get some muskiness that is vaguely similar to Jovan Musk and feels old-fashioned.

For a reference of whether your nasal inhalatory preferences are similar to mine, my favorite solstice scents are Old Havana, Vanilla Pipe Tobacco, White Fox, and High Noon. My least favorite are Pinyon Truffle, Sacred Vow, and Devil's Tongue.
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HIGH NOON (General Catalog)
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