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 Best products ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Best products ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Best products ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Best products ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EmptySun Sep 25, 2011 11:03 pm

I heard/read about Solstice online while shopping in an esty shop. There was a link that someone in my circle liked her products.

I googled reviews and realized very quickly that her oatmeal face masque was a favorite. I decided to try it! My first order was an oatmeal masque and solstice was generous enough to give me 2 free perfume samples!!!!!!! Wow, the perfumes were high quality and long lasting, the masque was AMAZING! I have tried many masques before and I had a favorite Strawberry one i used and bought in England... They discontinued it about 15 years ago and since then I have tried so many to find a replacement... Well Solstices oatmeal masque is even better!!!!!!! I never thought that was possible but it is!!!!!!!!!! Beyond impressed I had to try her other masque and more perfume samples and well my orders just continued from there!!!!

A favorite product? That is sooooo hard for me to pick!!!!! If I was going to stranded on an Island with only one product.... oatmeal masque might be my must have product.... Although I would try my best to sneak a Harvest Moon roll on and Spellbound Woods roll on perfume in my pockets!!!!!!!

Absolutely LOVE Solstice Scents!!!!! The customer service, Angela who I have come to know a little on facebook is an a very nice, caring person and a hard worker! My packages arrive very fast, everything is top quality and the packing, attention to detail is AMAZING! Her customer service is the absolute best!!!! This is all says a lot just because I can be a perfectionist and hard to please at times but can honestly say I only have had great experiences with Solstice.... Solstice has set the bar very high for me now! My department store perfumes are just no longer needed!

I have lived in 4 countries: USA, Switzerland, England and Singapore. I have tried products and customer service throughout the world and Solstice Scents is hands down one of my absolute favorite shops to buy from! !!!
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Best products ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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