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 Delicious Spring time - essential oils are the way to go!

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Delicious Spring time - essential oils are the way to go! Empty
PostSubject: Delicious Spring time - essential oils are the way to go!   Delicious Spring time - essential oils are the way to go! EmptyThu May 17, 2012 12:57 am

I'm SO happy I was able to make my 1st purchase of Solstice Scents and it was the Spring Collection. I'm only going to write about the ones that worked with my skin chemistry:

Chiffon - lordy, this is a wonderfully lemony sugar scent - it's soooo smooth, and ends up not quite as sweet on my skin. It reminds me of Jean Nate in a good way...I love how it mellows out at the end. Makes me HUNGRY for lemon meringue pie!

Cascade of Gold - This is one of the reasons Im so thrilled to have discovered Solstice Scents - the ESSENTIAL OILS! Essential oils NEVER get warped on my skin, they stay true, and always, really always, smell wonderful. This scent is so warm, and woody...I do feel like I'm smelling an amber day in a sandalwood forest. The scent stays true, and mellows into a pure deep sandalwood. So lovely.

Courtyard - This scent really reminds me of an old fashioned garden - Oakmoss and lavender standout immediately, Im an oakmoss addict! The other earthier scents blend amazingly into a scent that makes me think I'm walking through a sunny herbal field. It's incredibly green and woody, fresh and alive, and definitely one of the best scents I've smelled in a long time. A little goes a LONG way... The dry-down reminds me continually of sweetgrass, another scent I find soothing and lovely, but the strong herbal has staying power.

Spirit Tree - The most ethereal vanilla ever! It starts out incredibly strong on me, the vanilla is huge, everything else is secondary...after not too long the flowers poke their little heads out, and then the sandalwood is underneath it all to provide a depth and balance. Really soothing amd lovely.

Garden Gate - Pure old fashioned lilac, it makes me think of my Grandma, she would have loved this scent. The longer it stays on me, the more it changes into a scent I could wear. I feel like I've gone back in time with this. Perhaps good for garden tea parties sunny

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Delicious Spring time - essential oils are the way to go!
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