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 Valentine's Release and General Catalog Restock - TONIGHT AT 7 PM EST

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Valentine's Release and General Catalog Restock - TONIGHT AT 7 PM EST Empty
PostSubject: Valentine's Release and General Catalog Restock - TONIGHT AT 7 PM EST   Valentine's Release and General Catalog Restock - TONIGHT AT 7 PM EST EmptyFri Feb 09, 2018 5:44 pm

Valentine's Release and General Catalog Restock - TONIGHT AT 7 PM EST Valent10

The Valentine's release will go live at at 7 pm EST. An at-a-glance breakdown of the returning products as well as General Catalog restocks that will be offered is below. A detailed description of the perfumes will be just below. Please note that the Cherry Cordial Whipped Soap and Glace and the Cocoa Mallow Whipped Soap are LIMITED RELEASE. There are no plans to restock these items and the quantity is limited. These fragrance are *not available in perfume format*. Please do not request them in your sample packs or as your free sample. When purchasing a sample 5 or 10 pack, please click the listing and scroll slightly down to read the perfumes that are available and see which are not in stock or excluded. For instance, The 'Estate' series of perfume (Estate Vanilla, Estate Amber, Estate Rosewood, etc), White Feather and Desert Thunderstorm are all Eau de Parfum (EDP) exclusives and are not eligible in the sample packs or as a free sample at checkout. These perfumes are best experienced atomized. Samples are sold in the 2.5 ml EDP sample spray format. The Valentine's Day perfumes are available in the 5 and 10 sample packs. Just leave the perfumes you want in the box on the listing.

Here is a full list of both the V-day and GC catalog restocks that will be available:
* = Vday Collection offering

5 mls:

Black Leather, Red Lace*
Blueberry Violet Truffle*
Cherry Vanilla Amberosia*
Covered Bridge
Gehenna (Fall perfume - last restock)
Grey's Cabin
Heart of the Night
Pinyon Truffle
Rose Mallow Cream
Sea of Gray
Thornwood Thicket
Violet Truffle*
Violet White Leather*
White Fox

60 mls and 2.5 mls:

Desert Thunderstorm
Estate Rosewood
Estate Carnation
Heart of the Night*
Old Havana
Sea of Gray
Thornwood Thicket
Violet Mallow*
White Feather

Whipped Soap:

Cherry Cordial - *Limited Release - not available in perfume format*
Cherry Vanilla Amberosia
Cocoa Mallow - *Limited Release - not available in perfume format*

Burnishing Glace:

Black Leather, Red Lace
Cherry Cordial *Limited Release - not available in perfume format*
Cherry Vanilla Amberosia
Dark Ginger Spicecake
Lavender Vanilla
Snowshoe Pass
Violet Mallow

Valentine's Release and General Catalog Restock - TONIGHT AT 7 PM EST Black_10

Amber, Vanilla, Leather

A stirring blend of amber, vanilla and black leather.

5 ml Perfume oil, Burnishing Glace

Valentine's Release and General Catalog Restock - TONIGHT AT 7 PM EST Bluebe10

Cocoa absolute, blueberry, violet, tonka, vanilla

Blueberry Violet Truffle is a fruity-floral gourmand perfume featuring notes of cocao, deep fresh blueberry, soft and slightly powdery wild purple violets, tonka bean and vanilla. The perfume opens with violet and chocolate but is quickly followed by the blueberry accord. This accord contains a blend of natural and synthetic components, including natural isolates and a fantastic davana essential oil full of fruity blueberry-like nuances tinged with a hint of sun-dried herbs. Blueberry Violet Truffles smells cool-toned, purple and very sweet. The tonka and vanilla come out in the heart and drydown, which features a violet pastille or hard candy note. A very fine coumarin-rich French lavender absolute is used judiciously to enhance the blueberry accord and tie it seamlessly to the violet. The chocolate is well-blended and does not overshadow the other notes.

This perfume shares no resemblance to our Violet Truffle fragrance, which is darker, more earthy and damp violets with a strong primarily synthetic chocolate blend. Blueberry Violet Truffle follows in the tradition of the Lavender Raspberry Truffle and Pinyon Truffle perfumes, which are also on a base of cocao absolute, vanilla and tonka. The violet note is closer to the violet in Violet Mallow, though not as strong. It is light, airy, fresh, slightly powdery and a little green.

This perfume is organic cane sugar alcohol based.

Available in 5 ml perfume roll on and in the 5 or 10 sampler packs as a 1 ml sample.

Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Maraschino Cherries & Black Cherry. Contains Cocoa Absolute.

A medley of black cherries and maraschino cherries enrobed in milk and dark chocolate. Cocoa absolute has been added to this blend to enhance the rich chocolate note. The blend starts out with a heavier cherry note but quickly settles down into a very nice gourmand blend of both chocolate and cherry. Juicy, sweet and edible smelling!

Amber, Vanilla, Maraschino Cherries, Black Cherry, Whipped Cream, Sweet Orange

Due to the small content of orange essential oil, do not apply prior to prolonged sun exposure. Amber heavy blend with boozy vanilla, cherry, whipped cream and a light top note of sweet orange essential oil. "Amberosia" is a play on the dessert "ambrosia" because this perfume has a dominant amber scent.

5 ml perfume oil, Burnishing Glace, Whipped Soap

Dark Chocolate, Violet, Vanilla, Cocoa Powder

Very dark chocolate and violet fragrance. Opens with a bit of wet and Earthy violet absolute, dries down to soft violet petals with chocolate ganache and a bit of vanilla to smooth the blend out.

5 ml perfume oil

Valentine's Release and General Catalog Restock - TONIGHT AT 7 PM EST Violet10

Violet, Vanilla, White Leather, Coumarin

Soft powdery violets resting on a vanilla cloud float atop ripples of supple white leather. An ethereal violet blend featuring a creamy character similar to Violet Mallow and a wispy, white, airy presence in the vein of White Fox, Violet White Leather pairs a cool-toned sweetened violet with an exquisite supple white leather. Violet clouds drift peacefully above the leather note. Upon initial application, a sweet blast of coumarin and vanilla accompanies the white leather. The leather is most detectable at this point. Delicate powdery violets emerge and quickly tame the leather note, resulting in a very smooth and sophisticated pairing. The creamy violet blend is most prominent on the dry down, though the white leather remains faintly at the base of the scent lending a sensual mood to the composition.

Available in 5 ml perfume roll on and in the 5 or 10 sampler packs as a 1 ml sample.

You may also be interested in trying the following General Catalog perfumes along with the Valentine's offerings:

Pure Chocolate

Mouthwatering natural cocoa absolute in Organic Cane Sugar alcohol. This single note chocolate fragrance smells like a divine blast of sugared cocoa powder and sweet hot chocolate. It does contain traces of food grade additives so this perfume cannot technically be considered 100% natural. On initial application, you will experience a blast of cocoa. This soon settles down to a soft chocolate scent which hovers closer to the skin but has great staying power. Cocoa Absolute perfume is wonderful on its own but it is really special when layered with some of our other fragrances to bring additional dimension or a new twist. It layers especially well with Vanilla Pipe Tobacco, Heart of the Night, Black Forest and Blackburn's Parlor. Cocoa absolute may stain lighter colored clothing and skin. When applying the perfume, rub it in quickly as it is easier to work into skin with less chance of staining. Apply once to wrists and add another layer when dry to build the concentration of the cocoa absolute. This fragrance is surprisingly wonderful to wear to bed.

The cocoa absolute used in this perfume contains trace amounts of food grade additives and therefore cannot be considered all natural. This blend contains no synthetic fragrance oils though.Please shake gently before each use as the cocoa absolute will settle to the bottom. A few shakes will quickly and easily disperse the scent evenly.

(Debuted Valentine's 2016)LAVENDER RASPBERRY TRUFFLE 5 ml Perfume
White Chocolate, French Lavender, Bulgarian Lavender, Tonka, Cocoa Absolute, Raspberry

Not to be used by women who are pregnant or nursing.

Lavender Raspberry Truffle opens with a blend of five lavender essential oils, including organic and wild lavenders from Bulgaria and France. The lavender is very strong and fragrant on initial application. It is accompanied by sweet white chocolate and a hint of jammy raspberry. The opening of this perfume is similar to our Lavender Vanilla fragrance. The lavender settles after 5 to 10 minutes, allowing the white chocolate to peak through alongside the raspberry. The dry down of this perfume is a blend of white chocolate and raspberry and the lavender all but disappears after its initial soothing burst in the opening. The raspberry is not tart and bitter, rather it is very sweet and incredibly jammy or like a homemade raspberry coulis with a dollop of fresh whipped cream. The tonka and organic vanilla tincture enhances the fresh jam suggestion of the raspberry note. This blend is especially lovely applied before bed.
Shake gently before use. Botanical blend in organic cane sugar alcohol.

Valentine's Release and General Catalog Restock - TONIGHT AT 7 PM EST Pinyon10

(Debuted Valentine's 2016) PINYON TRUFFLE 5 ml Perfume
Chocolate, Pinyon Pine, Pinyon Resin, Swiss Stone Pine, Tonka, Vanilla

Not to be used by women who are pregnant or nursing

Pinyon pine has a somewhat fruity taste and scent that makes it uniquely suited to pair with gourmand notes of rich cocoa absolute and sweet vanilla and tonka. Pinyon Truffle opens with a bloom of pinyon and swiss stone pine notes with the chocolate just behind. The tonka and vanilla serve to soften the edges of the pine note. After the initial application where the pine is most apparent, the blend quickly settles into an earthy gourmand. The concept was to present a perfume that featured cocoa in a gourmand capacity to showcase the pinyon note as edible, but to also portray cocoa in an earthy non-gourmand effect. This duality serves to create a mouthwatering yet grounding earthy scent that is unique and unusual. The dry down is not a typical pine scent. When combined with the sweeter elements and the fudgy chocolate, the pine shifts into a slightly spicy cardamom-like note with a touch of the fruity pinyon needles and just a trace of the recognizable pine fragrance.

Instagram and Twitter: @solsticescents

Valentine's Release and General Catalog Restock - TONIGHT AT 7 PM EST Violet11
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Valentine's Release and General Catalog Restock - TONIGHT AT 7 PM EST
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