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 9/29: Restocks, Updates + Smoky Mountain Mallow DISCONTINUED

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9/29: Restocks, Updates + Smoky Mountain Mallow DISCONTINUED Empty
PostSubject: 9/29: Restocks, Updates + Smoky Mountain Mallow DISCONTINUED   9/29: Restocks, Updates + Smoky Mountain Mallow DISCONTINUED EmptySun Sep 29, 2019 6:59 pm

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the discontinuation of our popular Smoky Mountain Mallow perfume. The very last of the 5 ml perfume oil extraits and Eau de Parfums have been listed. LIMIT ONE OF EACH FORMAT (so one 5 ml and one 60 ml to the same person is fine) PER CUSTOMER due to extremely low inventory.

This will sell out quickly and we cannot make any more. We can no longer source one of the main components and without it, this scent is not the same. We will offer another smoky marshmallow scent in the future but this is it for our VERY smoky Smoky Mountain Mallow perfume. We're very sorry for the bad news.

A list of today's restocks is just below. Below that list, there's some other information that we want to convey, including information about our upcoming fall collection.

5ml Perfumes

Conjure Dark
Jack & the Devil
Orient Rose
Riverside Hayride
Scrying Smoke
Smoky Mountain Mallow (Last of Stock)
Tenebrous Mist
Vanilla Pipe Tobacco
Violet Mallow
White Fox
Winter Dove

60 ml Perfumes

Edge of the Night
Rose Mallow Cream
Sea of Gray
Smoky Mountain Mallow (Last of Stock)

2.5 ml EDP samples

Conjure Dark
Desert Thunderstorm
Edge of the Night
Estate Lavender
Estate Rosewood
Estate Vanilla
Foxcroft Fairgrounds
Riverside Hayride
Scrying Smoke

9/25 A few updates:

BEST WAY TO CONTACT US: We are officially starting our busiest time of the year. The best way to reach us will be via the "Contact Us" page on our website, not by tagging me on Facebook/Instagram and not by DMing me on those platforms. This is especially important if you need help with an existing order or an address change. Please allow 24 to 48 hours to respond to casual questions. If there is an urgent issue regarding an order, we will endeavor to answer that message asap and we do check for messages several times per day.

VERIFY YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS IS CORRECT AT CHECK OUT: Please try to make sure that your address is correct when placing an order as Google autofill can be problematic. Greg is very fast at processing orders so verifying your address is an important step in the checkout process.

When contacting us via the website, PLEASE keep an eye on your spam folder! Our responses are often kicked to spam and I can't tell you how many times people have thought we have not responded to them. Gmail is the greatest offender for putting us in spam but it happens with other providers as well. When you place an order, please also keep an eye on your spam until you get a shipping notice, just in case we need to contact you with a question about your order.

Please remember that if you place multiple orders back to back, we do try to combine these orders when possible and refund you for excess shipping as soon as possible. This refund process usually takes up to a few weeks, especially after a seasonal release. You will receive one free sample with your order and this includes placing multiple orders.

FALL RELEASE UPDATE: We are working very hard to produce the fall release and expect to be complete about mid-October. The fall release is the largest collection of the year with well over 30 returning scents including a couple of reformulated returns and one new perfume. The returning scents include the fall favorites/staples of Foxcroft, Witch's Cottage, etc but also the five new scents we introduced for last year's "Return to Foxcroft" collection (Corvin's Smoked Apple, Gibbon's Mischief Night, Midnight Marquee, Gunnerson's Pumpkin Patch and Wilcox's) as well as the other newly reformulated/returning perfumes we brought back last year and late 2017 such as Lace Draped Spectre, Loggia, Attic, Foxcroft Intense and Master Bedroom. There are many more returns and, as mentioned, a few perfumes that were discontinued previously have been reformulated and will be making their return this year as well. Smile It is a very labor intensive collection and we are doing our utmost to finish everything up. There will also be a TON of Whipped Soaps and a wide variety of Glaces available.

OUT OF STOCK ITEMS: As we focus on our fall release, you may see some of the General Catalog items go on to the back burner. We restock them as soon as possible when we have available stock to decant but during the fall and winter, it is common that you will see certain perfumes be unavailable for a while. Black Forest is an example of one perfume that will be out of stock for the foreseeable future. Please always remember to check our retailers Pretty Indulgent in Canada and Femme Fatale Australia if you would prefer not to wait on restocks or if you're after something that we are not currently stocking as they often have seasonal inventory that we do not! If there is something on our site that is currently in stock and you don't want to risk it going out of stock, you may want to order it ahead of the fall release as we cannot guarantee the item(s) you're looking at now will all be there in the next 3 weeks.

FLOWERS NOCTURNAL: We will be offering another batch of our popular botanical white floral perfume Flowers Nocturnal either along with the fall release or just before. We will alert everyone via social media (Facebook and Instagram) when it has been restocked.

We have implemented a new system that we hope will speed up processing of sample packs during high volume release times. We are working on this new sample system at present and in tandem with our fall release preparations so there is a lot happening behind the scenes!

Returning fall previews will begin rolling out this week on social media.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support!

Greg & Angela
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9/29: Restocks, Updates + Smoky Mountain Mallow DISCONTINUED Empty
PostSubject: Re: 9/29: Restocks, Updates + Smoky Mountain Mallow DISCONTINUED   9/29: Restocks, Updates + Smoky Mountain Mallow DISCONTINUED EmptyWed Oct 09, 2019 10:19 am

I feel so excited for the fall release! Thank you for all the hard work you put into it!
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9/29: Restocks, Updates + Smoky Mountain Mallow DISCONTINUED
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