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 A few updates

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PostSubject: A few updates   A few updates EmptySun Oct 27, 2013 5:34 pm

This thread is for a few random updates that I wanted to share:

1. Seance is a very clove-heavy blend so please don't glue your nose to your wrist and irritate your sensitive mucous membranes. Very Happy

2. Due to the oils used in the Blackburn's Parlor salts, the texture may be clumpy versus free-flowing. It's perfectly normal. Different oils we use react differently with the tapioca starch so nothing to worry about there and it's not due to the formula change (removed oatmeal and coconut milk powders). The banana note is pretty apparent in the tub whereas it doesn't have a strong presence aside from cold sniff and initial application in the leave on products.

3. There will be NO SHIPPING this Wednesday, October 30th. We plan to ship all orders from tonight on tomorrow and Tuesday. Please plan accordingly if you'd like the strong chance of your order shipping on Monday or Tuesday. Orders placed on late Monday or on Tuesday will most likely not begin shipping until 10/31.

4. I recommend layering the Minister body ganache with the perfume (choose that as your free sample if you don't wish to purchase it) to increase the strength of the scent.

5. Here are some recommendations on determining if you would like a scent based on things you may have already tried:

MINISTER: Fans of scents like Conjure and Basilica may enjoy Minister as well. I found that Seance layers well with Minister too.

MAPLEWOOD INN: Fans of Smoky Mountain Mallow may enjoy Maplewood Inn. If you felt SMM was too smoky for your tastes, Maplewood Inn might be just the right thing. It is sweet and woodsy with the wood smoke very evident but not as heavy as in SMM. The subtle vanilla chai lifts the blend as well. I think it is on the brink of being unisex, especially at the beginning when the wood notes are most apparent, but it does get sweeter the longer it is on the skin as the maple and sweet wood smoke come to the forefront. Smells awesome in cool weather!

This just smells amazing period. If you like the sound of the notes, get it! I don't even go for foodie scents too much and I am in love with this.

SYCAMORE SUGARWORKS: Fans of our Fruit Cellar scrub, Bartlett Pear & Brown Sugar (used to be offered as a bar soap and was offered in other products a long time ago) and Kitchen from the Manor Collection may like this one. It smells similar to Kitchen except Kitchen is pretty smoky, peachy, much spicier and much more buttery/pastry. Sycamore Sugarworks is very sweet and not as spicy with no smokiness that gives Kitchen its characteristic scent. The combo of pear, banana and apple with the sweet bakery notes kind of mimics how the peach and sweet bakery notes in Kitchen come together.

COVERED BRIDGE: Love this one. If you are a fan of our Crumbling Crypt salts and Wail of the Banshee Salts and Whipped Soap and always wanted a perfume in one of these scents, you might like Covered Bridge. Covered Bridge contains notes used in both and has a very similar feel. Think Wail of the Banshee with no aquatic notes and Crumbling Crypt but not quite as green and more woodsy.

MAINE MOON: Admittedly, we really don't have anything that smells like this except the root beer is pretty strong in the whipped soap and on initial application so you may be familiar with that already if you have tried the Root Beer Float Whipped Soap offered in the summer. Imagine Root Beer Float meets a much softer version of the Foxcroft fragrance with popcorn, caramel and soft chocolate involved.

Several of the scents above are really interesting layered together. I found out during testing that Sycamore Sugarworks and Seance somehow compliment each other.

That's all of the updates I can think of for now. I hope you guys are excited and that you enjoy this collection!
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PostSubject: Re: A few updates   A few updates EmptySun Oct 27, 2013 6:32 pm

Watching the clock ...
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A few updates
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