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 Updates: Fall release, Fall collection shipping, USPS delays and more

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Updates: Fall release, Fall collection shipping, USPS delays and more Empty
PostSubject: Updates: Fall release, Fall collection shipping, USPS delays and more   Updates: Fall release, Fall collection shipping, USPS delays and more EmptyTue Sep 22, 2020 9:03 am

Solstice news/updates regarding the fall release, clearing up confusion on extraits, USPS backlogs and the best way to contact us:

We are hard at work on the fall collection. It is expected to be released approximately between 10/9 and 10/15, exact date to be announced as we get closer.

As many of you know, this is the largest collection of the year with approximately 40 scents/product offerings. This collection has the largest offering of Whipped Soaps of any seasonal release. We have some major things (all good) that have been going on behind the scenes since around May, so this fall release we are focusing solely on the recurring fall catalog offerings only, along with bringing back a reformulated version of Smoky Mountain Mallow, bringing back the previously reformulated Thornwood Thicket that has been OOS for quite some time (there is a version from many years ago that is the less complex and more grape-y and then several years ago a refined and more complex version was released. It is the refined version we will be restocking) and also finally bringing back Gibbon's Boarding School and Runestone, both of which have been OOS a long time. The new perfume from last year, Parlor Trick, will also be returning. There will be something new for the winter release. 🙂 This was the best decision for us to keep things running smoothly. It is unlikely that we will have another batch of Estate Vanilla until closer to or during the winter release. The winter release tends to take place in December, a few weeks before Christmas.

I wanted to clear up some confusion on our extraits. Please note that some of our extraits are organic cane alcohol based and most are rice bran oil carrier based. The carrier is indicated on the full size product listing, sample pack Master Scent Reference and the Master Scent Reference page. Sometimes a 1 ml or 5 ml will be automatically referred to as the oil version and this is inaccurate. Sea of Gray, Full Dark, Runestone, Guardian, Casting Shadows, Attic (fall collection), Headmaster (fall collection), Postprandial (winter collection), Flowers Nocturnal (primarily spring and summer), Island Blackstrap (summer), After the Rain (spring), Cacao Absolute, Blueberry Violet Truffle, Pinyon Truffle, Lavender Raspberry Truffle, Runestone and Solstice Kyphi (winter) are among our alcohol based offerings. While we strongly discourage judging a perfume from sniffing the vial (See more on our Perfume Sampling Tips page:, we especially wish to discourage it for the alcohol based scents as the alcohol is very high proof and will not only overshadow the fragrant components but it may "burn" your nose. When applying, we recommend multiple swipes or gently tipping the vial on to your arm to get a good amount of juice on your skin. The alcohol will evaporate fairly quickly and leave only the fragrance behind. We use alcohol specifically for some of our perfumes because they may contain components that are not soluble in oil and/or they may contain house tinctures in the formula.

For the fall release turnaround time and shipping: This is the biggest and most anticipated release of the year and we are going to ask for a slightly extended turnaround time this time to be sure we stay within the projected date range. We typically ask for up to 7 days but for this year we will likely ask for 10 to 12 days. Most orders ship within the first 3 to 4 days and we would have the majority out in less than a week, as usual for a seasonal release. As orders continue to come in in the subsequent days, they will be put to the bottom of the pile and will sit for quite some time as the orders in the initial 48 hours are typically pretty numerous. We will do our best to combine orders placed on the night of the release only but cannot guarantee any combining for orders placed on the next or following day. Please remember that we offer one sample per order and when orders are combined, you will receive one sample. Shipping overcharge refunds will take 2 to 3 weeks from when your order ships. USPS has been experiencing some delays, backlogs and other issues that most of you are likely aware of. We recommend selecting Priority Mail at check out if possible as first class has a possibility of taking weeks. We had a few orders from our summer release take a month to get to customers in the USA! For international customers, we have been consistently discouraging first class international mail as it has been very undependable with limited to no tracking. Allow up to 3 months for a first class international parcel to arrive. Choose DHL at check out if at all possible and if available to your country.

I will keep you posted on the fall release date. Tons of Whipped Soaps, Glaces and many lovely fall favorites will be returning this year. If you look a few threads down on the forum, you will see a post pertaining to last year's fall release. I hesitate to link the direct thread since it is called "Fall release tonight at 7 pm" and I don't want to cause confusion and have someone think it is for this year and happening right now! These offerings are pretty representative of what you can expect for this year:

While focusing on our production, my social media engagement and posting is limited more than usual. Please use the "Contact Us" form on our website if you need assistance with your orders. Please do not DM me on Facebook or Instagram as these messages may be missed since I do not check them daily.

For inquiries regarding when _________ will be back in stock, we are not able to give a date of return for many items right now as the full focus is on our fall specific catalog. If there are General Catalog perfumes you know you have been wanting to purchase, you may wish to do so if they are in stock now as they may not be at the time of the release. Right after fall, we switch gears completely to the winter release and during these two back-to-back collections, many GC items are put on to the back burner.

Thank you for reading this lengthy update and for your continued support. We appreciate all of you very much and can't wait to get your fall goodies out!
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Updates: Fall release, Fall collection shipping, USPS delays and more
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