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 Comprehensive shipping information and other updates 1/13/2021

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Comprehensive shipping information and other updates 1/13/2021 Empty
PostSubject: Comprehensive shipping information and other updates 1/13/2021   Comprehensive shipping information and other updates 1/13/2021 EmptyFri Dec 18, 2020 8:35 pm

Our last restock before we close will occur tonight at 7 pm EST. A variety of perfumes, Glacés and a few Whipped Soaps will be available. We will close on Friday 1/15 at 7 pm EST and will reopen in March or April. We will announce our reopening date via social media and newsletter when we have one. Even if you don't have Facebook or Instagram, you can read all of our updates, news and announcements directly on our website by clicking the "Facebook" tab. Our Facebook page is inset within an iframe so you can read our updates without a Facebook account from our website. Please check these updates before contacting us with any questions as they are often addressed there, especially with regards to shipping progress. USPS is still working through some of the backlogs from December. Some parcels have taken 2 to 4 weeks to arrive to their domestic destination!

Your shipped order may or may not have been scanned at the post office but if you received a shipping notice from us YOUR ORDER DID SHIP REGARDLESS OF WHAT TRACKING SHOWS. This applies to all orders that have received shipping notices. This means if you received a shipping notice at any point and the tracking says "Shipping label created. Usps awaiting item", USPS actually has the parcel and has simply not scanned it in. This is very common during the very busy holiday season and your parcel may not scan for many days!

Please take a moment to look over the info below as it will pre-emptively answer some questions regarding shipping, turnaround time, USPS issues, combined orders, shipping overcharge refunds and more.

SHIPPING OVERCHARGE REFUNDS FOR COMBINED ORDERS WILL TAKE SEVERAL WEEKS TO PROCESS + INFO ON MULTIPLE/COMBINED ORDERS. Please note that customers receive ONE free sample per order and this includes combined orders. So if you have two or three orders in, you will receive one free sample, not two or three. Thank you for your understanding. It will take me several weeks to process shipping overcharge refunds. Please have patience.

PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS IS CORRECT. Once we ship your order, we have no ability to change the address and we are not responsible for incorrect addresses entered at check out. We can only ship to the address provided. Be especially vigilant of autofill and be sure your browser didn't autofill an incorrect shipping address.

You are responsible for tracking your orders and following up with your local post office if they misdeliver your order to the wrong address. We cannot do anything about this on your behalf. You will need to keep an eye on tracking and if you see a delivery notice but did not receive the parcel 1) GO TO YOUR POST OFFICE. There is no getting around this step as they really don't answer the phone. Provide them with your tracking number. They have GPS/geolocation for the parcels and can see who the carrier was that day and where your parcel was delivered. Time is of the essence for this step. If a week goes by, your chances of the carrier recovering the parcel are slim. 2) Also leave a note for your carrier in your mailbox with the flag up. Provide your name, phone number and the tracking number and let them know you did not receive a parcel marked as delivered and ask if they can assist. Don't rely on this step as not all carriers will help or be able to help, but it is a good second layer of effort. Carriers are working extremely hard with delivery a large volume of packages currently. 3) Contact us immediately and I will file a "Missing mail" request on your behalf through the USPS website. This, like #2, is additional assistance. It does not replace the most important step, which is #1. Use these steps on any orders you place online! Many companies will not replace orders marked as "delivered" so it is very important for you to keep an eye on your tracking and be proactive.

IMPORTANT - USPS BACKLOGS AND EXTENDED DELAYS: You may have heard that USPS is extremely slammed, possibly short staffed and that many parcels are having significant delays in arriving. We cannot do anything about this and ask that you please have patience. This bottleneck occurs every year at this time with USPS as people order online for the holidays and take advantage of sales from Black Friday and Cyber Week. With Covid, online retail shopping is at an all time high as well. This is taxing the post office to the point where they even have a banner at explaining that they are inundated. Some sort facilities have trailers of mail simply sitting there, waiting to move on to the next destination.

TURNAROUND TIME FOR THIS RESTOCK: At this time, our goal is to have all orders placed by the time we close on 1/15 shipped by 1/22 and all outstanding shipping overcharge refunds issued by that time as well. Choose Priority Mail, where available, if you'd like to decrease the USPS shipping times. **Priority Mail does not mean we will ship your order faster. It just means that once USPS has your order, they may ship it faster**

IF YOU ORDERED A 60 ML EDP IN THE USA: PLEASE NOTE: 60 ml EDPs must ship via the slow service called Parcel Select for USA customers. This class of mail does not come with tracking! You will see "shipping label created" for many days after we physically turn your order over to the post office. It may be a week before you see a random scan and the first scan will likely be in the city you live in as we have seen our local post office and the main sort facility for the state are not scanning these parcels. USPS tracking has been spotty. Please have patience. When you receive a shipping notice, your order is actually going out that day or the next day, depending on what time you receive it. We do not print shipping labels and sit on parcels ever. So if tracking does not update for a few days, this is a USPS issue and unfortunately we cannot do anything other than have patience with them.

We are currently sold out of many things due to the high volume of orders received during our winter release in mid-December, followed by our year end sale on select items at the end of December. We are restocking as much as we possibly can for tonight. Remember that we only display in stock and ready to ship inventory on our site. If you see a 60 ml EDP in stock of a given scent but not the 5ml, it's just that the 5 ml is sold out. We offer more 5 mls in our line that we do EDPs. Please note not all of the 5 mls are oil based extraits; some are alcohol based as indicated on the Master Scent Reference and full size product listings. The Master Scent Reference shows you what formats a particular scent is offered in. For example, our Amber Coeur perfume is offered in 5 ml perfume oil and 60 ml EDP.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND OR GUARANTEE FIRST CLASS INTERNATIONAL MAIL. Please use DHL as your shipping option, where available. Some countries do not offer DHL and some areas have very high (like $40 USD) rural delivery fees. We are continuing to offer first class international shipping for those who cannot choose DHL but allow up to 3 months for your USPS first class international parcel to be delivered. We cannot guarantee you receive it. Unfortunately this class of mail is relegated to "buyer beware" as it has been extremely unreliable for 2020 and started going downhill at the start of 2019, after we enjoyed almost a decade of reliable service from this class of mail. Note that USPS first class international does not come with tracking and stops scanning after it leaves the USA.

SHOP CLOSURE: We will be closed on Friday, January 15th at 7 pm EST for a few months. We will reopen in March or April. We will announce our reopening via social media and newsletter when we have one. Please plan your purchases accordingly. This means no February/Valentine's release, though we do plan to offer Estate Cacao and some of the other popular February scents sometime after we reopen. When we reopen it will likely be with the inventory we have on hand and we will move to offer restocks and other items in the subsequent weeks.

Do not reply to your order invoice if you need assistance with your order. You must use the "Contact Us" form on our website. Do not contact us via social media as we do not check that daily for customer service purposes. The best way to contact us is always our website.

Please note: We do not read order comments until we get to your order. If you need attention to something, please use the "Contact Us" form on our website. Often times, I do not address any order comments until well after an order has shipped, when I am working on shipping overcharge refunds, if it is just casual commentary. Always use the "Contact Us" form if you need help. We do read and appreciate all the kind feedback and well wishes in the comments. It is not often that I am able to respond to these messages but please know that we do read them and they mean the world to us.

If you placed an order in December that you have not yet received or the tracking is showing "in transit, arriving late", please contact us immediately so we can file a USPS missing mail search request for you. Please review this "Comprehensive Shipping Info" post prior to ordering and prior to contacting us about your order.

The site will remain open for viewing while we are closed but the check out page will be closed. The "Contact Us" page will remain open but we will be focusing on responding to messages concerning orders placed before we closed and assisting with any shipping issues that may arise. Casual inquiries may not receive a response until we reopen.

While we are closed, please visit our retailers Pretty Indulgent Canada and Femme Fatale Australia. Both shops are linked just below. They often have inventory that we are sold out of, so if you are looking for a perfume that is not currently in season or that you've not been able to find on our site for a while, check them out as you may find it on their site.

Thank you for all of your support! We will miss you during our closure and look forward to serving you when we reopen!
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Comprehensive shipping information and other updates 1/13/2021
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