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 General updates for 6/20

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General updates for 6/20 Empty
PostSubject: General updates for 6/20   General updates for 6/20 EmptySat Jun 20, 2020 5:42 pm

SHOP UPDATES/NEWS for June 12th: Currently, our summer release is slated for about mid-July or so. There are several issues that have set my production behind the original projected schedule that we had for late June.

Because of this setback, all of my production efforts are solely focused on the summer release. We are receiving many inquiries about when _________ perfume will be back in stock as we are currently out of many of our General Catalog perfumes. I cannot give you an ETA on anything at this time. The priority is the summer release as it is time sensitive. I apologize for any inconvenience. When General Catalog perfumes are restocked, we post restocks to social media (Facebook and Instagram) as well as to our "Recently Added" page on the website, where you can view a restock list by date. We cannot contact each person at this time to alert when a certain perfume will be restocked so please just check back or occasionally check social media, but know that it is unlikely we will have many things restocked anytime soon due to our summer focus.

We are sold out for the time being of: White Fox, Smokewood Apiary, Winter Dove, Rose Mallow Cream EDP (hoping to have this back for you in the next two weeks), Estate Vanilla EDP and a few others and I do not have an ETA for you on when these will be restocked. We are also sold out of Desert Thunderstorm and Sea of Gray but these will return with our summer collection.

Our summer collection will consist of many returns (Sirocco, Rose Custard Kulfi, During the Rain, Crimson Sap & Sassafras, Island Blackstrap, Flowers Nocturnal, Tropical Moon, Gulf Breeze, Heat of the Night, Sun-Warmed Honey and more), along with a few new perfume-only offerings and some reformulated scents that disappeared years ago and are being brought back in a reformulated capacity. We have also formulated a popular perfume oil extrait into EDP format for the first time. As usual, I will start to preview returns in the coming weeks and post a full list of all that will be available prior to the release.

We only have a few fall and winter items left in stock and these are not being restocked. Please grab your Snowmint Mallow, Snowshoe Pass, Outpost, Master Bedroom and so on as they will not return until later in the year.
Yesterday we restocked Chiffon and Chantilly Cream Burnishing Glace Bath and Body oil sprays and the last Postprandial EDP (winter collection). The following has been restocked in the past few days:

60 ml Perfumes
Blackburn's Parlor
Blossom Jam Tea Cakes
Conjure Dark
Foxcroft Fairgrounds
Maplewood Inn
Violet Mallow
White Fox
5ml Perfumes
Cocoa Absolute
Foxcroft Fairgrounds
Night Watcher
Sycamore Chai
Tenebrous Mist
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General updates for 6/20
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